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Found 252 Praxis tutors near me. Praxis tutoring

Antoinette Myers

from Brooklyn

1.4 miles away

Professor of Educational Studies

Completed A.A.S, BS, MS, MA, ME, MAT, MBA, M.S.H.S, MSED ED.D, At several Universities’ across America. I completed my Ed.D in Educational Leadership with a specialty in special-needs education from the unique program at Northcentral Univer... See more

  • ... Northcentral University
  • ... Praxis + 19 more
  • Very responsive
James Kowal

from Fayetteville

4 miles away

Highly experienced educator tutoring in Math and Business courses.

Hi. I love helping students learn and pass their courses. I have been tutoring in math and other subjects for the past eight years. I worked for three years in the math department of the UofA as a learning/teaching assistant. Also, I worked... See more

  • ... University of Arkansas, Fayettev...
  • ... Praxis + 46 more
  • Very responsive


Brenda Hoffman

from Elmer

1 miles away

(5 ratings)
FDU Grad MAT/ED Teacher with 10+ years of Teaching K-12 ALL SUBJECTS

I believe that education should be about the student and that everyone can learn given the right opportunity. I believe that we should reach students

  • ... Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • ... Praxis + 57 more


Joseph P.

from Staten Island

4 miles away

(6 ratings)
Master Tutor

Joe is a prolific writer of self-help and educational material and an award-winning teacher of both college and high school mathematics. Joe has worke... See more

  • ... Brooklyn College of the City Uni...
  • ... Praxis + 43 more
  • in a day or more
Brena Adams

from Canoga Park

1.4 miles away

"Calculus is fun!" students from my decade of tutoring agree

I love math, and I really love helping people connect with math concepts. Over the past decade, I have tutored a wide range of students with an emphasis on upper division math and standardized test prep, helping students overcome hurdles an... See more

  • ... Colorado State University - Pueb...
  • ... Praxis + 41 more
  • in 2 hours
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Why You Need a Praxis Tutor

The Praxis exam is used to measure teacher candidates knowledge and skills. It is required by many state departments of education and colleges to determine the competency and readiness of beginning teachers. It usually consists of two separate exams, Praxis I and Praxis  II. Each test has a series of questions put together that a newly licensed or certified teacher should know to be able to perform their job successfully. The Praxis I, or Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), consists of three parts: reading, writing, and mathematics. Praxis II focuses on specific teaching skills rather than core academic subjects. The best way to get through these exams is by working with a teacher who has been through them before and scored well on their own exams. People who work with a Praxis tutor increase their chances quite dramatically of passing the exams the first time around. You should consider private Praxis tutoring if: 


  • You want to get a great score, but you need assistance staying focused and motivated to do the proper amount of studying to be the best prepared
  • You have test anxiety and lack confidence before a big test
  • You need help pacing yourself during the allotted amount of time on the test
  • You struggle with reading, vocabulary, math or any core concepts revolving around the test
  • You want to excel on this test and land a great teaching job but you are having trouble getting there

Benefits of Hiring a Praxis Tutor

Like any other test, the Praxis will require a great deal of preparation, studying, and hard work. This can sometimes be difficult to do on your own. Sure, some people pass exams without working with a private tutor but it probably didn't come easy to them. Working with a one-on-one tutor will be able to provide you the individualized attention you need and desrve to thrive on this exam and get the teaching job of your dreams. Even if you have the content down, working with someone who has been in your shoes before will give you some insight on the test and what it takes to pass. Typically a Praxis tutor will assess you with a full length Praxis test to evaluate your current level, strengths and weaknesses. They will use the results to structure a game plan to work on the exact subject matter areas that need the most improvement. Your Praxis tutor will work on additional Praxis practice tests with you and teach you to apply your knowledge to specific questions that might be seen on the exam. 


At this point, you're probably thinking, "I need a Praxis tutor near me to start right away." But where should you look for one? At Heytutor we have hundreds of qualified professionals who has passed their Praxis exams and tutor for the exam on a weekly basis. We are hyperlocal and have tutors in every city.


Things you'll need when searching for a tutor on Heytutor:

  • Your subjects
  • Your zipcode 
  • Tutor preferences (e.g gender, budget, etc.)
  • Where you want to meet (e.g."I want my Praxis tutoring near me to take place at my home."


It couldn't be simpler working with Heytutor. Our job is dedicated to helping people locate professional tutors in their area. Get started on your teaching career by passing the Praxis with one of our tutors today.

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