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Brianna Tescher

3.3 miles away

10+ Years Chemistry Tutoring and Teaching Experience, MAT Chemistry

I have been teaching Chemistry and preparing students for the Chemistry Regents for 5 years but have been tutoring students for over 10 years. I love teaching chemistry because I know what it feels like to struggle in the subject in high sc... See more

  • ... Relay Graduate School of Educati...
  • subject Praxis + 41 more
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Adam Gibbons

4.4 miles away

Former Princeton Review Tutor with 20 years' experience, 35 on ACT

I absolutely love helping students succeed, and have been involved in the field of education since the late 1990s. I am an expert on local history, and have experience working for an educational publishing company, where I worked in the fie... See more

  • ... Northwestern University
  • subject Praxis + 44 more
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Cheryl Huggins

1.7 miles away

Multi-faceted Teacher Available for Tutoring! (TESOL CERTIFICATE)

My name is Cheryl. I am an ESE and English Professional teacher in Palm Beach County. I am currently working as an ESL teacher as well (tutoring both children and adults in this area.) I have 10 years of experience working with special need... See more

  • ... Southern New Hampshire Universit...
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Namzi S.

4.5 miles away

EZ Pass in Math

I have a bachelor’s degree in Math and Computer Science from University of Wisconsin and a master's degree in Computer Science from University of Bridgeport. I have more than 12 years of experience in tutoring Pre Algebra, Algebra, Pre-calc... See more

  • ... University of Wisconsin - Superi...
  • subject Praxis + 31 more
Certified Teacher & Tutor with 7+ Years of Education Experience

I'm a state certified math teacher teaching Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-calculus. I work for a public charter school in San Antonio, Texas. I graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas in December 2019.
... See more

Why You Need a Praxis Tutor

The Praxis exam is used to measure teacher candidates knowledge and skills. It is required by many state departments of education and colleges to determine the competency and readiness of beginning teachers. It usually consists of two separate exams, Praxis I and Praxis II. Each test has a series of questions put together that a newly licensed or certified teacher should know to be able to perform their job successfully. The Praxis I, or Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), consists of three parts: reading, writing, and mathematics. Praxis II focuses on specific teaching skills rather than core academic subjects. The best way to get through these exams is by working with a teacher who has been through them before and scored well on their own exams. Potential teachers who work with a Praxis tutor increase their chances quite dramatically of passing the exams the first time around.

If you want to become a teacher you are going to have to pass this exam at some point or another. This means that the stakes are raised and that can cause a significant amount of stress. Our test preparation tutors understand that this is a challenging time in the lives of most people but they know how to help you overcome the feelings you are experiencing. Test anxiety is very real and it is no joke. Anyone who has gone through it knows just how serious this is and how it can ultimately hold you back from getting the score you need. This is exemplified when you are dealing with a test that ultimately decides the fate of your career. But there is no reason to worry too much, what you need is the right guidance. Since you are going to be a teacher one day, you realize the importance of having a fantastic teacher to guide you. Because of this, you have probably been searching for a “Praxis tutor near me.” When you are able to work with HeyTutor you will see the result right away and even be able to pick up some pointers from your tutor who is going to be fantastic.

You need to put in the hours before the exam so that you are confident in your ability to get the coveted score and to begin teaching. However, in order for this to happen, you need to spend focused hours with the materials. This is exactly what you will get when you work with Praxis tutoring provided by HeyTutor. We know that not everyone is a fantastic test-taker and many students struggle with this type of test. But we also realize that with the right tutelage there is not anything that this test can throw at you that you cannot handle. Our tutors will be able to provide you with mock tests based on the Praxis so that you will not walk int the exam room blind. You will have an idea of what to expect based on these mock tests and also what your tutor is teaching you. We have such a large pool of tutors that many of them have taken the Praxis before and passed. They know what to expect based on their past experience and they are also able to teach you so that you are as prepared as possible.

These types of tutoring sessions are exactly what you are going to need if you want to pass the Praxis. They can give you tips and tricks that worked for them and other students which will be utilized to push you toward success. When you have a study skills tutor who has gone through the test and helped several other teacher hopefuls like yourself, you are getting tools that can be used for a lifetime. As mentioned, you are going to be a teacher one day and you are going to have to help the next generation of students. Some of them will even become teachers. You can use the tools that were given to you by your tutor to teach them and they will be able to apply these tools to their work. This is what the HeyTutor experience is all about. Helping students help themselves down the road of academic success. The Praxis is just one rung on the ladder you will climb toward becoming an impactful leader and teacher. So let one of our private Praxis tutors assist you in ways you never imagined.

Maira Ali

4.3 miles away

Certified Special Education Teacher

Hi, I'm Maira (My-ra). I am a University of Maryland graduate. I have a BS & a MA degree in special education. Before I majored in special education, I was a bio major with goals of getting into medical school. That changed when in the summ... See more

  • ... University of Maryland - College...
  • subject Praxis + 36 more
Irene Ning

3.5 miles away

NJ Certified Teacher with 10y classroom experience and 15+y tutoring

My biggest goals as a tutor are to give students the tools and practice to think as scientists, and to be skilled students. Being a good scientist isn’t about already knowing a lot; it’s about knowing how to look for and use patterns. I lov... See more

  • ... The College of New Jersey
  • subject Praxis + 2 more
Michael F.

1.5 miles away

Math Tutor with BS in Mathematics from UWF

I have tutored students for the past seven years, and I still enjoy it. Math can be very confusing, nobody is born knowing it, and it builds upon itself. Often one just has to back up a bit and approach it from a different angle to gain a n... See more

  • ... The University of West Florida
  • subject Praxis + 13 more
  • in a day or more
Joan Packer

3.1 miles away

Math, Language, & Test Prep Tutor

Private tutor with more than 15 years of experience tutoring in Whatcom County. Each student is tutored according his or her own individual learning style. To achieve the goals of my students (and their parents) is my first priority. One... See more

  • ... University of Colorado Denver
  • subject Praxis + 23 more
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Laura Ridge

3.1 miles away

(5 ratings)
Purdue education graduate with 10+ years of tutoring experience

I have degrees in chemistry and agriculture education from Purdue University. I have tutored a variety of ages both in test prep as well as overall su... See more

  • ... Purdue University
  • subject Praxis + 55 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a Praxis Tutor

Like any other test, the Praxis will require a great deal of preparation, studying, and hard work. This can sometimes be difficult to do on your own. Working with a one-on-one Praxis tutor will be able to provide you with the individualized attention you need to thrive on this exam and get the teaching job of your dreams. Even if you have the content down, working with someone who has been in your shoes before will give you some insight on the test and what it takes to pass. As mentioned, our tutors will provide a full-length Praxis test to evaluate your current level, strengths, and weaknesses. They will use the results to structure a game plan to work on the exact subject matter areas that need the most improvement.

A group session is not ideal when you are dealing with the Praxis because the lessons are not focused. There is one teacher going around trying to help several students who all have their own questions and concerns. You might walk away feeling like you have not really learned anything and that you are wasting your time. You might even think that you are better off alone, but let me tell you this is not the case. You just need to spend your time more wisely and that starts with working with a private Praxis tutor. When you said to yourself “I need a Praxis tutor” you probably did not have in mind one single teacher dealing with a bunch of students. This is why we only offer individualized sessions so that you can get the undivided attention of your tutor. You will be working with someone who has years of professional experience so essential you will be getting your very own teacher.

This is an incredible learning experience where you will be able to see your knowledge grow after each and every session. Not something that you can get everywhere, the HeyTutor learning environment is rare and created for students just like you. Our tutors have been here, either themselves or they have seen others like you struggle. They know how to create a solid plan of action that can be used to knock this test out of the park. Experiencing a rise in stress levels over a test like this one is completely normal, but not something that should hold you back. You need to manage it and overcome this test as soon as possible because your career is going to be filled with moments just like these. You are constantly going to be challenged and put into high-stress situations where you have to prevail, so this test should not be holding you back. When you find a Praxis tutor through HeyTutor you will find a professional who will help you come to this realization so that you can be assured you are prepared. Success is nothing but preparation and opportunity.

You have the opportunity to become a teacher now you just need to prepare yourself. If you are coming this far along it is because you have the skills. Maybe you went to school and you have taken classes that make you a better teacher but the final straw is this test. You know that you have what it takes but you just need to funnel that energy into a passing score. Our tutors will be able to help you do this in a way that is easy to understand but it is going to be a challenge to get to that level of comfortability. You are going to have to spend time with the materials and really hone in on your skills so that you know you are prepared. When you have “Praxis tutoring near me” where the tutor can come to you and make sure that you are comfortable as well as having a good time with the materials, your lessons are going to stick with you. This is the most important thing for our tutors. They want to give you knowledge and skills that will learn a lifetime. When they come to you and begin teaching, it will be information that you will be able to use for the remainder of your career. Then, as mentioned earlier, you will pass this along to the next great generation of teachers.

At HeyTutor we have an expert team of reps who are dedicated to matching you with the tutor who is going to make a difference in your life. Our platform is filled with proficient Praxis tutors that you can choose from and get to work immediately. We know that you only want to be matched with the best which is why we only hire the cream of the crop. Reach out to our team today so we can start you on your way to be one of the next great teachers to shape the minds of the youth.

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Kimberly S.
5.0 Articulation
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5.0 Punctuality

Kelly was an awesome tutor! She was very helpful and answered all of the questions I had! She was also very helpful with teaching me how to use the calculator.

Kimberly S. reviews Kelly Kirchner