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Lisa Sackett

GED and Praxis tutor

location Estill Springs, TN
education Ashford University Online

About Lisa

I am an undergraduate student at Ashford University. My major is Elementary Education, and my minor is in Educational Studies. I have 118 credits in Elementary Education, along with a completed associate degree in education. I have six classes to complete before graduation. I currently substitute for grades K-12. If I am subbing for an elementary grade, I teach Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. In secondary grades, I have experience teaching Reading and Literature.
I homeschooled my eldest son, who has ADHD, from kindergarten through the beginning of 5th-grade. When he entered public school, he tested at a 7th-grade level. I taught family and friends of every age group in a variety of content areas. Some of this experience was helping with homework. I taught Basic Math, Reading, and Writing. I also tutored someone who was taking his High School Equivalency Test. (HiSet and GED)
I have experience teaching vocational skills to individuals with disabilities. This experience includes job preparation and job-seeking skills. The classes I taught were for time management, health and wellness, communication skills, conflict resolution, attitude and work ethics, stress management, and posture. My clients ranged from ages 16-50. Each client had a specific physical or mental health disability. Most of my clients had Attention Deficit Disorder; however, I have also worked with individuals on the Autism Spectrum and those with anxiety and depression.
The main thing I want you to know about me is my passion and teaching style. I am a firm believer that anyone can learn anything! I feel very passionate about individualized learning. I believe each student has a variety of learning patterns and skills. I think the key to success is tapping into what works for the student. I also think that there is always a way to learn something new. There is not a one- size- fits all approach to learning. I am passionate about Integrating Content and Multicultural Education. I like the Let Me Learn (LML) process which teaches about student learning patterns and how to use them in the best way based on what is required in an assignment.
When I tutor, I like to begin by getting to know you. I start by finding out how you learn best. I have a couple of quizzes that help me determine student strengths and learning patterns.
Next, I like to find out about your prior knowledge in a subject to make sure you have the essential skill sets needed for the current class. I like to include my students in every aspect of his or her learning experience!
I use the current educational standards from your home state, along with Common Core standards, to measure achievable goals. I believe that setting goals in each stage of learning helps achievement. I also include feedback you on how you want a class to go. I like to include my students in the whole learning process.
I encourage feedback from parents and guardians (if applicable) because next you, no one knows you better.
I like to help with resources too. Resources may include learning sites, educational gaming, practice resources. I interweave the essential study and problem- solving skills into the lessons. For example, I will teach you how to find answers on your own. If you do not know a word, I show you how to find out what a word means.
I include vocabulary in all lessons because one must understand what is expected of him or her when working on assignments. I include long- term learning skills, study skills, and life skills in addition to the specific area of student need.
I am patient, determined, and passionate. Each of the students or clients I worked with were successful. I attribute this to my student’s hard work and my teaching approach and style.
I am available for tutoring K-6, as well as General Computer skills, Math, Science, Grammar, Phonics, and English, Literature, and Handwriting.
I can help you study in Anatomy, Nursing, Geography, and American History. Other services offered include ESL, Proofreading, and studying for GED/HiSet exam.
Additionally, I will be tutoring in Nutrition, which includes health and wellness, hygiene, and disease prevention. I have current and up-to date knowledge on nutrition and health that comes from experience with individuals that have Diabetes, Cardiac Conditions, Vitamin Deficiencies, IBS, Hypertension, Allergies, and ADD. I have knowledge of nutrition for overall well- being and I have learned how nutrition contributes to various physical and mental health conditions. Some of this is self-taught, but most information I learned in college and by studying with various health care professionals.
I am very excited to work with you. Hope to see you in the classroom!


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