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Why You Need a Regents Tutor

The Regents Competency tests are so crucial if your child is going to graduate high school. The state places a lot of importance on these tests. Without passing these exams, that assess your student's knowledge in core high school concepts, your child will not be able to earn their diploma and go to college. Working with a Regents tutor will dramatically improve their confidence and change the way your student approach this exam. Another reason you may consider getting a Regents tutor for your child to do well on this is exam is if they are trying to earn a scholarship. Scoring high on this exam will help them earn merit-based scholarships for college. After a few months of Regents tutoring, your student can expect to be on the right track toward getting a great score on this exam.

There are five Regents tests that your child will have to take in the state of New York. Each one is more challenging than the last but they are all very important. The Regents is one of the oldest exam systems in the country and it is meant as an exit exam to make sure students have certain knowledge when they leave high school. The subjects include English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Global History, US History, and Government and finally Science. These tests are usually taken in your child’s junior year and there is no way that they can graduate without out it. So the weight of this exam is heavy along with all of the other things that your child is partaking in during this time in their life. It is incredibly busy right now for your child and the Regents might fall by the wayside. I mean your child is getting relatively good grades, they’re passing all of their classes so you expect them to do well on the Regents. But do not make this mistake and make sure that your child is prepared. This is when you need to start searching for “Regents tutoring near me.”

When you work with HeyTutor you know that you are not just getting someone who barely passed the Regents and is now tutoring because they need a little extra cash. Your child will be working with a professional tutor who knows about this exam and how to get a high score. All of our tutors are vetted and they have to get a particularly high score on this exam before they are even considered to be a tutor. This is the type of guidance that your child is going to need to get through this arduous task. To be able to sit down with someone who has this type of knowledge is going to be invaluable to your child. Maybe your child suffers from test anxiety, realizes this and has approached you saying “I need a Regents tutor.” You need to act fast so that your child can have the upper hand on this exam. You want them to be as prepared as possible when so much is on the line. So you must make sure that they spend extra time with the exam materials. They do not want to walk into the examination room and then be surprised by everything that is on the exam. This will be a waste of their time and the last thing that you want is for them to have to take this exam more than once.

When they are able to work with one of our tutors they will get the skills that they need to fight through the stress and turn it into a fantastic grade. Our test preparation tutors will teach your child how to get all of their things in line so that the test is not as challenging. Studying alone should never be an option when it comes to the Regents because your child is not sure what to expect. They are going to need guidance from a “Regents tutor near me” that is fully capable and committed to seeing your child. If you are a teacher and want to make sure that your class is ready for the Regents than working with one of our tutors will help you. You might be out of touch with this test a bit since it has been so long since you last had to take it. A lot has changed and a private Regents tutor can make sure that you are up to date. Our tutors go above and beyond for you so that you can go all out for your students.

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Benefits of Hiring a Regents Tutor

There are so many benefits your child will see right away when you find a Regents tutor. First and foremost, they will see their confidence grow on things they had issues with previously. This leads to so many other great things, as stated above, like getting into the colleges of their choice and the opportunity to receive scholarships. Many people struggle with these exams because they are comprehensive and cumulative of their entire course work from the year. Many students have trouble remembering all of the material.

Often times, the exam also inserts questions that are meant to trick them rather than just assess their knowledge. One of our tutors will have a lot of practice test materials for your student to work with and can focus on the specific areas that you need to work on. They will also be familiar with the specific structure of the exam which will help prepare your student for these tricky questions. No need to wait for questions to be answered as they would in a classroom, your student will get direct feedback on problems or information that you don’t understand.

A group tutoring session is not the best when you are preparing for an exam like the Regents. As we mentioned, this is five separate tests and your student might not be struggling with all of them. However, when they are in a class they are going to have to go over it all and wait until it is time for the subject they are struggling with understanding. Then when the one teacher finally comes around, your student is unable to get any attention because there are several other students all asking their own question.

This can be troublesome for anyone, let alone your student if they want to just graduate and move on with the next phase of their life. So the search for a “Regents tutor near me” needs to happen right away. Your child will be able to sit down with a professional who will focus entirely on their success. The tutor will even build a lesson plan that your child can use that will bring the best out of them on this exam. No need to guess what will be thrown at them, the tutor will have the knowledge that your child needs to soak up.

We have math tutors who will be there every step of the way for your child to ensure that they know what they need to in order to get their passing score. Math is one of the subjects that we get calls about very often. It seems just about everyone has some issues with math and that is totally understandable. But you need to make sure that these problems do not go unnoticed until it is too late and your child is sweating in the exam room. Help them overcome their test anxiety by preparing them to the best of their ability. This is how they are going to succeed on this aspect of the exam.

English tutors are also there for your child if this is something that they struggle with in class. Maybe they have never been particularly good with English and it reflects on their grade in the class, so naturally, you are worried about how they are going to perform on the exam. Our tutors will be able to come through and see what the problem is and what they are struggling with understanding. They will then get to the root of the issues and eliminate it with a solid plan that is built solely around your student's needs and their learning style. This is the type of service that you cannot get anywhere else but you will receive when you are connected with a fabulous tutor from HeyTutor. They have proven methods that work and they will shape them around your student so they are able to fully grasp this information.

Get the attention for your child that they need by calling up our reps who will do all of the hard work for you. This is a stressful time for you and your student and we do not want the tutoring experience to mirror that at all. We want to be your student’s peace. Start today so that your child can start working with a five-star tutor who will help them excel on the Regents.

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