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Why You Need a CLAST Tutor

The CLAST is an achievement test that measures selected communication and mathematics skills adopted by the State. It includes four subtests: essays, English language skills, reading, and mathematics. The mathematics, reading, and English language skills subtests, are multiple choice. Testing these days seems to bring up a lot of anxiety and nerves. Students have so many factors and challenges rooting against them. Even outside of the classroom students have to worry about self-esteem especially when facing things like bullying, self-image, and peer pressure. All of these are in addition to the insecurities they hold with getting the best grades on tests, homework, and holding up to the other expectations of universities. With these factors weighing your child down, it makes sense to have a CLAST Tutor rooting for them. Many parents want to help their children when it comes to school and test prep, however they struggle to do so because your child sees you as a parent figure, not a teacher. That is why private CLAST tutoring will benefit your child more than anything. The right tutor will be able to:

  • Help your child prep for all the sections on the exam by giving practice exams to relieve test anxiety.
  • They can also give them tools to use to help calm stress before and during the exam.
  • They provide lessons to prepare your child with math questions that will show up on the exam so the actual test will feel more familiar.
  • Tutors will also review any concepts that your child may not have understood when previously taught
  • They will teach your child how to solve math problems more efficiently during the exam saving them time and struggle during this timed test.
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Benefits of Hiring a CLAST Tutor

Private CLAST tutoring will essentially provide a mini crash course to expose your child to the material on the exam and ultimately give them an idea of what it will actually be like. Many students study hard for exams like these and know the material, but when it comes time to take the exam, they choke due to anxiety and nerves. Sometimes just being in a test taking situation will completely throw a child off and they will forget everything they learned when hitting the books. A tutor will be able to give your child mock exams in a test like situation so they are prepared when they actually walk in on exam day. 


Heytutor is here to help all the parents out there thinking, "I didn't even know what the CLAST was, so how am I supposed to find a CLAST tutor near me?!" Not to worry, Heytutor has plenty of options when selecting your CLAST tutor that is in your neighborhood. You are able to specify:

  • I want my CLAST tutoring near me to take place at my home 
  • I want my tutoring to take place at my tutor's home or a library 
  • I only want to work with a female tutor 
  • I want my tutor to provide CLAST materials and practice tests 

There is no need to stress out about finding the right tutor for your educational needs. We have got you covered with the perfect tutor. Simply enter your zip code, "CLAST" as your subject, specify your preferences, and start messaging the tutors you like best. Start prepping for your future by working with one of our experts today.

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