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We create relationships between schools and tutors to better serve students. While many of our tutors are familiar with different curricula through their own experiences, we also provide training to ensure a strong link between classroom instruction and tutoring.

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Improve your learning with us

Many of our tutors specialize in K-12 instruction. We can help with additional tutoring for students who have experienced learning loss in literacy and math. Our tutors have also helped many students excel in high school US History and Biology.

If you are interested in K-12 enrichment, our tutors have training in programs such as Our Earth, Art & Me, STEAMy Sweets, and Read Around the World.

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Students at Every Level

  • Early Learning
  • Remedial
  • AP / IB / Honors
  • MLL / ELL / ESL
  • Students with Disabilities (SpEd)
  • TK-12th grade
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  • CCSS
  • TEKS
  • NGSS
  • MN Academic Standards
  • Illinois Learning Standards
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School Subjects

  • ELA
  • Math
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • U.S. History
  • Biology
  • 8th grade Pre-Algebra

HeyTutor In Person tutoring

  • 100% utilization
  • Paying for time students work with tutor
  • Live, hands-on, interactive instruction
  • Access for non-readers and multilingual students
  • Consistency with same tutor
  • 30-60 minute sessions allow for structured lessons
  • Built in to school schedule–before, during or after school
  • Targets unfinished learning recovery for long-term academic gains

HeyTutor Unfinished Learning Curriculum

  • Targeted subjects determined by multiple data points as set by district or site
  • Baseline assessment data determines skill priorities at start of services
  • Sequence of delivery of skills personalized for each learner
  • SEL embedded into every lesson aligned with CASEL skills and strategies
  • Flow from concrete to pictorial to abstract within every lesson

Intervention Curriculum

  • Targeted subjects likely identified through MTSS or RtI process
  • Use of standardized test data to determine skill priorities
  • Laser focus on one skill in isolation, then move to next skill
  • Sequential delivery of skills consistent for all students
  • Academic-only focus
  • Classroom intervention

Live Chat Solution

  • 20-30% utilization
  • Paying for unused licenses
  • Written responses only
  • Supports only proficient readers and writers
  • Randomly connected to available tutors
  • Students access only when they need help
  • Students typically utilize for homework help
  • Provides assistance on assignments

Expanding knowledge to achieve more

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Training to facilitate academic instruction

Effective instruction requires a holistic approach. We have training in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), De-Escalation, and Tough Topics to help tutors manage student anxiety, difficult conversations, and other learning obstacles.

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We hold tutors to high expectations

When tutors are hired, they attend required training to learn about their role on campus, student assessments, and supplemental materials.

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Additional training for students with different needs

We have training sessions for tutors who work with subgroups of students, including Para Training, Multilingual Learners (MLL, ELL, ESL), Students with Disabilities (SpEd), and Students Experiencing Homelessness.


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