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Found 210 SAT tutors in Seattle, WA

Max Savishinsky

4.6 miles away

PhD/MA from UW - Bilingual English/Spanish tutoring & College Prep

I'm Max, a professional educator with a passion for writing, foreign language, and college prep/counseling. I have worked in many aspects of education, around the US and around the world, for over 20 years now and have served as a teacher,

  • ... University of Washington
  • subject Elementary Math + 30 more
  • in a day or more
Jamie Maher

1.3 miles away

Essay Pro, Science Enthusiast, All-Around Lover of Learning

I'm a recent graduate of a highly ranked liberal arts college, where I left with both general departmental honors. I'm a seasoned tutor with 5 years of experience in a teaching environment, 3 years in tutoring specifically. I worked as a tu... See more

  • ... Vassar College
  • subject ACT Writing + 15 more
  • in a day or more
Sophia Robinson

3.6 miles away

Qualified recent college graduate looking to tutor in the Seattle Area

Hi, I’m Sophia Robinson! I’m a Bay Area native but I ended up at UW for college and now I can’t get myself to leave Seattle, I just love it too much!

... See more

  • ... University of Washington
  • subject Algebra 1 + 49 more
Jay Stewart

3.1 miles away

Pomona Math Graduate with 8+ yrs teaching and tutoring experience

I have a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Pomona College. My liberal arts education gave me a rigorous foundation in writing and critical thinking, along with my math expertise. I have taken graduate coursework in educational psycholog... See more

Nicole Peters

2.3 miles away

PhD English Grad / College Writing Teacher / Tutor 9 Years


I've been teaching college courses for the last seven years. My courses range fr... See more

  • ... University of Washington
  • subject ACT Writing + 29 more

Why You Need a SAT Tutor In Seattle

Seattle has some of the best coffee on the planet but if you find yourself downing cup after cup and pulling all-nighters in preparation for the SAT you are in trouble. The worst manner in which to learn any subject is to forcefully cram your brain with information.

This is going to negatively affect the manner in which you are going to recall this knowledge during the exam and later on in life. We know that everything you learn in school can be used later on in your life which is why we want you to retain it all.

Our SAT tutors in Seattle teach you in a manner that allows you to remember everything that you learn. The more you know the more valuable you will be when it is time to take your college classes and then when it is time to find a job. So it behooves you to take full advantage of all of your time with your SAT tutor.

They are going to teach you study habits that can be utilized when you get to college. This is the type of assistance that you receive when you are able to work with someone who has a background as a professional.

We know how awful it can be to work with a person who claims they are a tutor but they have zero experience. You go to a session with them and realize immediately that they are not going to be able to help you at all.

This is why we have an intense vetting process that only allows us to match you with the most proficient tutors in Seattle. SAT tutoring in Seattle is only a click or phone call away when you work with our team at HeyTutor.

Debadrita Das

2.2 miles away

Experienced ACT and SAT tutor

Hi there!

I have been an online tutor for over 5 years and enjoy working with students to

  • ... University of Washington
  • subject Algebra 1 + 32 more
Josephine W.

1.2 miles away

UW Math graduate with backgrounds in neural engineering and big data

I graduated in 2016 with a degree in mathematics from the University of Washington. I have been teaching various subjects for almost 10 years, from swimming to physics to MCAT preparation. I worked in analytics consulting where I designed

  • ... University of Washington
  • subject Algebra 1 + 32 more
  • in a day or more
Dylan Cade

4 miles away

History Freak (with Honors) and Avid Writer at Your Service!

Hey guys!

I'm an avid traveler and student of History from Seattle University. Even though... See more

  • ... Seattle University
  • subject SAT Reading + 16 more
  • in a day or more
University of Washington Graduate

I am no longer available for tutoring due to film constraints.

  • ... University of Washington
  • subject SAT Reading + 27 more
Kalen Mills

1.8 miles away

Math tutor / word nerd / study strategist

Whether you're looking to catch up or get ahead, I want you to have great problem solving tools.

... See more

  • ... University of Oregon
  • subject Algebra 1 + 33 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a SAT Tutor In Seattle

The SAT is essential for students who want to get into college. Most schools will not even recognize you as a possible student if you do not get a certain grade on your SAT. If you are trying to get into a school that you love but simply cannot get an acceptable SAT score, you need help. A Seattle SAT tutor is going to be able to give you all of the assistance that you require.

But they are not going to do your work for you, they are going to make sure that you are getting the information and that you can apply it. When the test date comes around there is not going to be a tutor on your side. It is going to be you, your test and the time you have spent preparing. Luckily for you, you got the help of a test preparation tutor who specializes in the SAT.

However, this match was not luck, it was the HeyTutor platform which is filled with professionals who are dedicated to your academic success. We offer reliable Seattle SAT tutoring that you know you can trust. But you are also going to have to do an incredible amount of work in order to get that score. You will be so grateful for your Seattle tutor when the college acceptance letters start coming in like a rainy afternoon.