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Jamie Maher

ACT Writing and ACT Reading tutor

location Seattle, WA
education Vassar College
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About Jamie

I'm a recent graduate of a highly ranked liberal arts college, where I left with both general departmental honors. I'm a seasoned tutor with 5 years of experience in a teaching environment, 3 years in tutoring specifically. I worked as a tutor at the Vassar College Writing Center, where I was eventually promoted to Head Tutor. As as a writing tutor, I helped with hundreds of papers, and oversaw the completion of three senior theses.

Regardless of what I'm teaching, my aim is the same: to ignite each student's personal investment in the topic so that they have the capability, drive, and confidence to conquer their learning goals long after our time together. School is a drag if you don't care about the work, so I aim to partner with students in exploring their own individual answer to the question, "Why bother?" I'm a big fan of learning, and I strive to pass that on to whoever I teach!

I'm very comfortable working with writers of all ages and experience, from middle school to PhD candidates. Although I'm more than happy to help with grammar and proofreading skills, I'm more interested in helping the student lock down a logical structure for their argument, nail down a killer thesis, and write compelling sentences. At the beginning of each session, I have conversations with students about their goals and interests so that I can tailor my approach to their needs. I will never write a paper for a student. My aim is to teach students how to fish--in other words, after each session, students should leave more prepared to tackle their current project and those to come.

A word on science: I'm fresh out of college-level Introductory Biology, which I took (and aced) my senior year. I have ample experience navigating jargon-heavy research papers, as well as teaching elementary concepts in a fun and tangible way. As a writing tutor, I advised on many scientific papers, including a 100-page genetics thesis. Previously, I worked for more than 350 hours as a docent and camp counselor at the Seattle Aquarium for two years, where I mentored their Young Women in Science program. Some electives I've taken, because despite my humanities degree, my love for science runs deep: Advanced Topics in Chemistry (HS), Biotechnology (HS), Quantitative Physics (HS), Accelerated Introduction to Chemistry (College), Introductory Biology (College).

Please reach out if you're interested in working with me, or have any questions about my approach or experience! (Also, if you are interested in my grades or test scores, I am happy to provide them.)


Vassar College


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Test Preparation

ACT Writing
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SAT Writing


ACT Writing
ACT Reading


SAT Reading
SAT Writing


English (K-8)
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