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I tutor for a variety of standardized tests, academic subjects, and general study skills. My primary specialty is the SAT & ACT, with 14 years of experience working with several of the largest test prep agencies, various smaller agencies, and as a private tutor. I've helped many students get accepted to Ivy Leagues and prestigious schools, and hope to help you do the same.

Working with me, you'll get:

1-on-1 tutoring sessions, catered to students' specific strengths and weaknesses, at your own home or chosen location anywhere in NYC

Updated content and proven strategies for all aspects of study, including reading skills, problem solving, pacing, memorization, concentration, and confidence.

A psychological component that analyzes students’ thinking processes to eliminate the reasoning flaws behind missed questions.

Creative, relatable lessons inject humor into typically dry content.


Working with Adi has been great! On my hardest section, the reading section, I went from a 650 to an 800! I never expected to have an accumulated score of 2050. Now I'm off to the University of Pennsylvania in September!

- Taylor, University of Pennsylvania

Right from the get go, my teacher buckled down and intricately figured out where I needed to improve and how I could do it. Wether it be from the specific assignments that drilled concepts into my head or the outside-the-box techniques for memorizing words (that I still use in anything I do), my score went up 210 points, and my SAT II Math II score went up 100 points. He also put me on a special critical reading regimen that changed from score from a 650 to an 800! If you ever spend any time working with Adi, you quickly realize that the teacher knows the SAT and any other standardized test in and out, but his specialty is that he knows how to get you good at the SAT, and he makes taking the thing simple. Working with Adi improved my SAT taking ability and also my confidence.
- Jason, High School Senior

Adi always made sure I understood all concepts and did not mind taking more time than usual. He had a clear grasp of all the material, and his knowledge made me feel more secure. He pushed me enough to make sure I was taking advantage of lessons, but also was social and created a fun peer-to-peer environment. My experience with Adi boosted my confidence, my understanding of the SAT and my score.

-Mark, Stanford University

What I learned was not only applicable to my SAT studies, but also to my academic endeavors as a whole. I surprised myself with the progress I made in my SAT score, as well as my grades in school. The methods I learned are unique and easy to understand.

- Max, High School Senior



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