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I have a Bachelor's degree in Cinematic Arts, Critical Studies from USC and spent most of high school tutoring students. I would be humbled to have the opportunity to help any student with a subject that is giving them stress, as I know many times, it just takes some extra one on one help to increase their confidence in their own ability to learn. I am here to help you create tools and skills within yourself to succeed.

In high school, I taught math in summer school, as well as tutored multiple students in math and homework help. Though I have experience tutoring math specifically, english, social studies, health, public speaking, sociology, and psychology were my favorite subjects in high school and I can absolutely tutor in those as well. I also can help with study skills. Additionally, my film school degree has given me the qualifications to tutor in any sort of filmmaking, journalism, or film as literature type class, as this is what I spent the last four years focused on.

I am passionate about media literacy, education, and health. I am currently studying for the GRE to go back to school to get my Masters of Public Health degree.

Learning is a beautiful thing when students feel supported and empowered. However, I recognize that for myself, most of my learning happened outside of the classroom, spending time going over the subjects I not only had trouble with, but ones that I felt passionate about. I strive to support my students in ways that will allow them to hunger for this learning and succeed by not just getting better grades, but succeed by finding the confidence and strength in themselves.

*I also completed my 200 HR yoga teacher training certification last summer and can incorporate movement & meditative breathing techniques into study skills.



University of Southern California

Cinematic Arts Critical Studies




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Cum Laude

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