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Why You Need a Cantonese Tutor

Néih hóu! Cantonese is a variation of Chinese which is spoken in the city of Guangzhou and in areas surrounding it in southeastern China. With over sixty million people speaking this language it is something that will open up a ton of possibilities for you or your student if it is learned. However, this is a language known to be difficult for English speakers and even those fluent in other Chinese dialects. But when you have the right guidance from a Cantonese tutor you will be putting yourself in the right position to learn this language. When you work with a HeyTutor tutor you know for a fact that you are going to be working with the absolute best. We have a large pool of language tutors who are fluent in Cantonese and also have years of experience tutoring. So no matter what level you are on or what it is you are struggling with, we offer Cantonese tutoring that can get you there.

If you want to learn this language the correct way then you need the help of a private Cantonese tutor. Learning a language at a young age is a fantastic way to set your child up for future success. Multilinguists have a better chance of succeeding in school right now and excelling in life later on. On top of that, when your child learns Cantonese early on they are more likely to learn several languages as they age. This is even truer when they pick up a language as challenging as Cantonese. However, when you find a Cantonese tutor it is important that you are put in contact with someone that you can trust. You want to know that your child will be getting the absolute best possible education which is what will happen with one of our tutors. All of our tutors are fluent in the Cantonese language and some of them are even native speakers. They understand how to speak correct Cantonese, as would be learned in a class. And they also know how to speak the style that is used in the street. As we are all aware of in English, there are several styles of speaking. The way you learn in a classroom is not how you are going to talk to your friends when you are hanging out. When your child is able to pick up on these subtle differences they are really learning the language and becoming absolutely fluent.

The vocabulary and speaking is something that creates a ton of challenges for those who are first learning how to speak Cantonese. We have plenty of great tutors who can assist you with this and so much more. If you are currently enrolled in a Cantonese course in college then you are well aware that “I need a Cantonese tutor.” You have to learn the language and also do the work that your teacher is requiring of you. On top of that, you have to balance all of your other courses and extracurriculars so you might not have as much time as you would like to spend with the language. As a musician spends time with their instrument you are going to have to spend hours practicing Cantonese. And when you do, you need to make sure that you are picking up good habits that build upon the foundation being laid in your classroom. Doing this alone can feel daunting and with a study group, it can be a challenge. These situations are perfect for having a good time with friends but not so much learning the new language. So when this happens and you realize you are struggling to study and stay on track then you need to start searching for a “Cantonese tutor near me.”

This is the best way to make sure that you are using your time wisely because as you know it is one of your most valuable resources. But it is also the best way to make sure that you are actually learning the information. If you have any type of exam coming up, our tutors realize the anxiety that is associated with this. They have been there and done that. The Cantonese test preparation tutors we offer at HeyTutor will be able to give you tips and tricks that you will be able to utilize in this class and later on down the road. You will be using skills that you learned from HeyTutor throughout your learning career. This is when you will truly feel the HeyTutor experience and see that what we offer is one of a kind and the best way for you to achieve all of your Cantonese goals.

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Benefits of Hiring a Cantonese Tutor

When you are able to learn a language with a tutor who is completely focused on your progression as a Cantonese speaker you will see your skills grow immensely. However, this is not the case for all tutors because not all are great teachers. For so long there has been this connotation associated with tutors that leaves a bad taste in most people’s mouths. Students do not want a tutor because they feel as if they can handle it themselves, or work with their teacher further to get the job done. Parents do not want to waste their money on a college student who has no idea what they are doing but only trying to get a few easy dollars. At HeyTutor we want to remove that notion by providing you or your student with top of the line professional tutoring. All of our Cantonese tutors are fluent and have been working with students for years. They have proven methods that work and bring the best out of any student.

With that being said, our tutors also realize that not every student learns the same way. In fact, that is usually why most students never learn a language. In America, you are required to take foreign language courses for the majority of your time in school. Yet, we still have one of the lowest rates of multilinguist in the developed world. That is because the classroom setting is not ideal for students who want to actually become fluent in the language. Our tutors know this for a fact and pride themselves on giving their students a handmade curriculum. In most classes, there is one teacher who has a syllabus that is for the entire class. They have certain points that they are required to hit and if you are falling behind it is on you to pull yourself back up. This can feel as if it is impossible but it is not, you just need the right kind of help.


Our tutors will sit down with you and go over this syllabus as well as any other graded materials that you have. They will be able to see what your teacher wants from you and what you are struggling with learning. From there they will create that tailored lesson plan that is built entirely around your needs and requirements as a student. You are essentially getting your own teacher to come to the comfort of your home and help you learn this language. If you are serious about learning Cantonese this is something that you cannot pass up. Being in advanced level Cantonese course means that you want to use this for your career later on in life. And since this is the case, you are going to want to pick up every little detail about the language so that you are prepared when the time comes. Sometimes the classroom is not going to be enough. As you probably already know, the best way to learn the language is to submerge yourself into the culture. I know several people who have no formal training but are completely fluent in a language out of necessity. They moved to a country an had to learn the native tongue so they did it. If this is not an option for you or you want to be as prepared as possible when the time comes, you need to start searching for “Cantonese tutoring near me.”

As mentioned, one of the most challenges aspects of this language is speaking it. In a classroom, this can be even more challenging. That is because you are not speaking it with native speakers and the time you get to speak with your teacher is rare. They do not have the time to have an hour-long conversation with each of the students. But when you work with one of our tutors, you can get that type of attention. You will be able to sit down and converse with someone who is fluent in the language. But on top of that, they will also give you direct feedback on what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right. This way you can know that your fluency is becoming perfected and that you are close to being ready for your trip abroad or your new job where you will have to use Cantonese daily. Also, your tutor will be able to teach you about the culture, customs, and history that is associated with this language. This is an experience that you absolutely need if you want to become a fluent Cantonese tutor.

Our tutors are here to eliminate any doubt and help you succeed in your quest to learn this language. You can pick from a variety of skilled tutors by on our platform and our team of reps will assist you every step of the way. So what’s stopping you? Learn Cantonese with a professional language tutor today. Jūk néih hóuwahn!

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