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I am graduating in December 2017 from the University of Washington with a degree of Bachelor of Psychology. I love teaching, and I have much teaching / tutoring experience. I am passionate to teach Chinese and math. I have worked with different age groups: the preschoolers, Pre-K, elementary kids, and high school students. From these experiences, I learned a lot. I learned to use different ways to teach different age groups. For example, to the preschoolers and Pre-K kids, I would develop some games and activities in the classes, such as painting, candy counting, making own faces, looking for shapes or colors in the classes. For the elementary kids, I would ask them to read the books, to talk about the stories, use jeopardy, or to create something on their own. Of course, I would also develop some games, and sometimes I would ask them to work together or in groups to make a roleplay or do some small projects. For high school students is much easier, since they know what they need to learn and easier to understand the concepts, I would ask them to develop their own ways to learn. In the classes, I would ask all of them to participate, and also help each other to learn as well. I would also change my teaching depended on the kids' performance in classes. For example, when I taught the preschoolers and pre-K kids, once we were learning the body part in Mandarin class. I printed different styles of the body parts for them to design their own face. However, they didn't really interest in it because they were not really good at cutting. Therefore, I changed the way next time. I bought the stick online with different cute designs of body parts as well in class. The kids loved them and they learned really fast in the class. From these experiences, I learned a lot, and I hope to learn and develop more my own ways of teaching in my current and future experiences for offering better teaching to the students. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, y exercising, painting, or create some DIY gifts.



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