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Found 189 Physics tutors in Columbus, OH

Prince Kim

1.2 miles away

USC graduate that is friendly, helpful, experienced, and knowledgeable

I obtained my Bachelor's degree from USC in Human Biology. However, I have been involved heavily in both the finance fields as well as science related fields.

... See more

  • ... University of Southern Californi...
  • subject Physics + 24 more
  • in a day or more
Aja Allain

1.7 miles away

English Graduate with 4+ years Tutoring

I have a Bachelor's degree in English Writing from West Chester University plus a Associate's degree in General Studies at Delaware County Community College. I have 4 years of extensive experience tutoring students of all ages. I tremendous... See more

  • ... West Chester University of Penns...
  • subject Physics + 16 more
Nire A.

4.2 miles away

Drawing Tutor

I'm a portrait artist here in Denver and my specialty and favorite media is pencil. I believe that expressing yourself on paper is so valuable that everyone sh... See more

  • ... Metropolitan State University of...
  • subject Physics + 8 more
Lucy I.

5 miles away

Lucy Ingram

I love tutoring, mentoring, and being an academic coach and support for students. I love English, writing, and history, although I’m experienced and comfortable... See more

Lilly Chen

4.1 miles away

London School of Economics tutor in Excel and certified by Microsoft

Hello there.

My name is Lilly and I enjoy working with data and computers. I just finished up... See more

Why You Need a Physics Tutor In Columbus

Most people have no idea what a physicist does, but you are not one of these people. Your goal in life has always been to work as a physicist. Now you are on the right track toward becoming one but there are a few bumps on the road. These come in the form of you not doing your best work in all of your classes. The course load is incredibly dense and you had no idea that you were going to have to work this hard.

Things are getting a bit out of control and you are contemplating dropping out of this major. But that should be a thought that is erased from your memory and it will be when you work with a Columbus physics tutor. All of our tutors have been working as physics tutors for a minimum of five years, but they also have gone through the wringer. They know what it is like to be a student trying to get an advanced degree.

But they have also helped students get through this incredibly trying time in their life. If this sounds like something that you are trying to take advantage of you need to reach out to HeyTutor. We have physics tutoring in Columbus that is going to change the way you go about taking these classes.

They will be able to help you schedule out your day so that you are maximizing your time. One of the most important factors toward your success is time management. So let our science tutors show you the way.

Jane Reyes

4.7 miles away

Bachelor's Degree in Business Management & Paralegal

Hi. I am Jane. I love to teach or tutor kids or adults. I am very patient, kind, and nice to deal with. I have been a teacher's aid back in High School and College. I am highly skilled, educated, and knowledgeable in different subjects for

Ashley Johnson

4.3 miles away


Hello All! I am a Lead Tutor for Ashley Tutors, a premier tutoring company in the Washington, D. C. Metro area. Graduating with a 3.5 GPA from Hampton University, I possess a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations with a minor in Business Ma... See more

Gary Peters

3.2 miles away

Learn to Write in a Confident, Distinguished Voice

Your writing speaks volumes about you. Awe them.

I am a professional writer, with hundreds of published stories to my credit, and... See more

  • ... University of Wisconsin - Madiso...
  • subject Physics + 5 more
Yataro Sanay

2.7 miles away

Microsoft Excel tutor

What's happening everyone!!! My name is Yataro from San Diego, CA. Ever since I graduated from school at SDSU, I fell in love with Microsoft Excel. It is a krazy powerful tool! I also possess great knowledge on all Microsoft tools, I use it... See more

  • ... San Diego State University
  • subject Physics + 6 more
Gloria Oh

2.9 miles away

[Math] 5+ years of tutoring experience - Algebra, Calculus, ACT Math

I have 5 years of tutoring experience teaching all grade levels of Math (High School Math - Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, PreCalculus, AP Calculus AB & BC, and ACT Math). I received 36/36 for ACT Math and graduated State University of... See more

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Benefits of Hiring a Physics Tutor In Columbus

Test preparation is something that we all know is highly important. But that does not mean we all take this seriously. Sometimes students wait until the last minute to start studying and that can lead to their failure. If you are someone who procrastinates then your physics test scores have probably been dropping over the weeks. You need to work with a test preparation tutor who specializes in physics.

This is a class that has particular requirements when it comes to test taking, but what you learn from one of our physics tutors in Columbus will be transferrable to other classes. We know that you are only taking this class because it is required by your school and that you have absolutely zero interest in physics. But we also know that you are going to have to take tests for the remainder of your time in school.

So you need to learn how to be a genuinely solid test taker so that you can maximize your time in school. Each meeting with a Columbus tutor will be a step in the right direction. Reach out to tour team at HeyTutor so we can find Columbus physics tutoring that works best for you.

You no longer have to search high and low for a tutor that you can trust. At HeyTutor we have made this process incredibly easy on you as a student. Call us up immediately, it takes no time for you to get things started.