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Hello! I'm a Professional Artist and Private Art Tutor with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a MA in Art Education from Columbia University Teachers College. I have experience working with students regularly of all ages, in both a private tutoring capacity and in a classroom environment.

For more information and images of my student's work, please visit:


*** Children ages 3-12 ***
I believe in a child-centered and exploratory approach to Art Education, and I craft age-appropriate lessons in which students can discover & experiment with various media (painting, sewing, sculpting, printmaking, drawing, etc.) while gaining skills and learning new concepts in progressive stages.... and most importantly, while having fun!

What I do:
- Create a personalized and age-appropriate curriculum for each student.
- Open possibilities for new ways of working, thinking, and problem-solving.
- Provide all necessary Art materials each class (including those for clean-up).
- Facilitate engaging experiences for children to enhance their curiosity and love for hands-on learning.


*** Students ages 16-19 ***
I believe in a creative and skill-based approach to Portfolio Development. I will work together with the student to craft an expansive yet cohesive body of work for submission to top Art Schools, one which displays their skillset, creativity, and critical problem-solving which is nowadays most valued by College Admissions. As a Professional Artist and RISD Illustration alum, I have a keen eye for technical skill and execution, and will create lessons in a variety of media which enhance your child's capabilities and display their top strengths.

What I do:
- Research the student's top-choice Art Schools and Art Universities for particular insight.
- Look through the student's current artwork to identify strengths and areas of improvement.
- Respect the students autonomy while providing the best advice and direction.
- Put together the final portfolio of work in various media.
- Provide all necessary Art materials for each class.
- Create personalized lessons for each student which enhance and display their abilities to creatively problem-solve.

Prior to accepting new students, all family applicants (and their child) must be willing to meet in a public place for initial consultation.

* The materials cost of each class is included in the current fee.



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