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When it comes to searching the internet for things you need, “New York computer science tutors near me” may not be one of them. Using Google or Bing for something as important as your child’s success runs the risk of bringing up random results with unqualified or expensive options. HeyTutor offers a new approach to searching for a tutor in your neighborhood. We also help you manage every aspect of the tutoring process after you’ve found the perfect match!


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The best thing about choosing HeyTutor instead of searching “New York computer science tutors near me” online, is that every single one of our tutors is qualified to work with your child. They’ve all gone through our extensive assessment and rigorous interview process verifying their credentials and experience. Some have already been through background checks as well. They all care about your child’s success and strive to create the ideal environment for learning and growth.

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HeyTutor is a fully realized tool that assists you from start to finish. Not only can we find you a tutor through our Search Wizard or HeyTutor Pro, we also provide a way for you to communicate with your tutor easily, request sessions at any time, and pay for each lesson individually or in bulk.


Discover every available tutor in your neighborhood and then narrow them down by age, gender, hourly rate, or reviews. Then, get in touch to schedule your first session.


If you have any questions about how HeyTutor works or need assistance during any of the behind the scenes tasks, reach out to us at 888-669-9811.


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An amazing Swift tutor. He told me to focus on one thing at a time, and wow, it's easier to write better and cleaner code.

Ricky C. reviews Patrick Hwang
Computer Science