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Jacqueline Lee

3.4 miles away

Experienced Science Tutor, Specializing in Neurobiology and Physiology

HI, my name is Jacqueline! I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's of Science in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior and a Bachelor's of Arts in Classics - Latin. I realized in college the classes I enjoyed most were not always the

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Small biz owner with 19 years of corporate experience prior to that

I own a cleaning and organizing business with 20+ employees giving me many opportunities each day to use the variety of skills I've learned over the last 35+ years. What kind of variety? Well . . . I worked in the corporate world for my

  • ... University of Michigan - Ann Arb...
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Noah Fish

1.4 miles away

NYU Graduate with 5+ years of teaching

Originally from San Diego, California, Noah left the sunshine of the west coast to continue his acting career at New York University's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. During his summers, he found a love for teaching after he founded S... See more

Marti R.

3.8 miles away

M.Ed., Math Instruction & Curriculum with over 10 years tutoring exper

I went back to school late. Real late, like when I was 50! I was just taking math classes for fun at the local community college and landed a math tutoring job at a local high school. The teachers there encouraged me to get my Bachelor's de... See more

Derrick Jefferies, Masters in Systems Engineering

Hello, my name is Derrick Jefferies and I a Lead Systems Engineer for the Marine Corps in VA! I have been working for the USMC for the past 5 years! Before that, I was a Test Engineer for Lockheed Martin in NY!
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Paul Burke

3.2 miles away

Professor, Author, Guest Speaker, Tutor. World Champion, Veteran.

I have tutored in many fields. My M.Ed. is in Integrated Studies, which consisted of Education, Business Admin., And Psychology. When I tutor someone, I give them every ounce of energy and empirical wisdom that I have. I was the trainer for... See more

Reading and spelling tutoring that works, wherever you are.

Students I specialize in struggle with spelling, even high frequency words like "because" and "friend". Although they can sometimes read (up to a point) they have great difficulty sounding out unknown words. Often, their ability to read and... See more

  • ... San Francisco State University
  • subject LSAT
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