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So, my name is Sarah. I am a law grad, I passed the Bar, and I absolutely love to teach students and help them succeed in their career goals. I know the test and I know the material. What's more, I am quite adept at identifying why student's may struggle from time to time and pinpoint how to correct their minor set back.

I have watched many students work hard, follow instructions, ask when they need help, and ultimately, for the most part, go on to pass the exam! However, I personally make no guarantee that anyone will or will not succeed. I have, however, spent many years learning about the exam and about learning styles of different students. I pride myself on my abilities to help (willing) students to continue to propel forward and ultimately pass the exam.

A bit about my background...

I graduated from law school in 2011. Thereafter I passed the Maryland State Bar Exam. I studied using the BARBRI test preparation course and have used the concepts and approach I learned from BARBRI to help students to achieve success ever since.

I provide many helpful materials and resources to my students. I also create study schedules that are tailored to each students availability and needs. I teach both strategies for taking the test (written and multistate portions as well as the substantive law for the Bar Exam).

Whether going through bar prep the first time, repeating the exam or perhaps taking a second bar in a different state, the BARBRI Private Tutoring Program is available to all graduating law school students enrolled in BARBRI Bar Review in all states. Time spent 1:1 with a dedicated BARBRI bar exam tutor leads to the best results. Together, you’ll more deeply diagnose your bar study skills and habits, identify your strong suits and, most importantly, work to overcome areas in need of improvement.

I am intimately familiar with the BARBRI method of study, as well as the bar exam itself, and I can relate to what you are experiencing, thinking and feeling. This exact understanding of the bar study process gives me the ability to analyze where you are in your course of study and determine what will work best for you (and be most beneficial to you) moving forward.

Some common things I review with students include:
Working one-on-one to improve essay writing, multistate and performance test techniques;
- Enhancing knowledge of substantive law;
Reviewing practice questions
Reviewing essay and MPT questions
Helping students create and stick to a study schedule.
Acting as a personal trainer, motivator, and mentor available to encourage, guide, and at times even cheer you on during the rigorous process of studying for the bar exam

I have taught in many states throughout the country and continue to stay up to date on any changes made to the exam.

I offer intensive one-on-one or small group tutoring that models the BARBRI method of study.

I also offer tutoring that compliments other test prep programs. There are many helpful, yet often very costly, prep programs that exist that can help students increase their scores.

However, many students see their scores increase faster with individualized tutoring, which allows for more particularized focus in areas in which they would like to improve.

With my help, students will learn the most effective ways to improve their scores. We will discuss how to eliminate incorrect answer choices, methods to answer questions accurately and efficiently, and important skills and tips that help eliminate wrong answers, often before even reading the question.

I tailor each student's schedule to their individual situations, taking their work schedule, budget, and needs into consideration. I also frequently reassess the student's individual progress and needs and make adjustments and suggestions with them accordingly to ensure their scores continue to increase.

Many of my students have seen exponential gain in their scores and improvement in their grades. I am proud to say that the vast majority of my students have gone on to pass their Bar Exam. While this is no guarantee of success for everyone, it is an indication of what is attainable with helpful instruction and earnest effort by the student.


I also tutor current law students in most areas of study. I have a B.A. in English and also frequently help both undergraduate and law students with their research and writing for all kinds of written assignments.



University of Maryland - Baltimore

Law (Juris Doctorate Program)


University of Maryland - College Park

English Literature; Minor in Rhetoric and Communications






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