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David Lin

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 tutor

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education New York University
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About David

I graduated with honors from New York University with a B.A. in Psychology. I recently took the Dental Admissions Tests, and scored in the 98th to 99th percentile, despite being away from the principle sciences for a few years. I am extremely excited to tutor in my gap year, and have the opportunity to mentor students. I have been blessed with amazing mentors, and I understand how important they have been to my success. I want to dedicate my gap year to give back to the community, and I would be blessed to have an opportunity to be your mentor, and guide you to success.

I am qualified to be your tutor because I am knowledgeable in the subjects that I will teach, and I have excelled in those subjects on exams at the highest level. I received a 22 on the Quantitative Reasoning (equivalent to Pre-Calc), and 23 on both Biology and General Chemistry, which stand at around the 98th to 99th percentile on the DAT. I scored a 29 on organic chemistry, which is about the 99th to 100th percentile. Moreover, while in college, I graduated with a psychology major GPA of around 3.93, which is about the 99th percentile.

My grades are only a small part to why I am qualified to be your tutor. You need a tutor to be someone with prior teaching experiences, who can tackle your questions from multiple angles. I tutored in a one-on-one setting as a high school and college student. I was also a teaching assistant for psychology at NYU, where I taught a class of 25, and held weekly one-on-one office hour for my students. Furthermore, I am the lab coordinator in a lab at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, where I teach mouse surgical and lab techniques.

These experiences have afforded me the opportunity to interact, teach, and mentor students of all age groups, from elementary to college level. In our tutoring session, the first thing I will do is to learn more about you, what you enjoy, your hobbies, just so I can get a sense of the kind of student you are and how you learn. I think that this approach has been imperative to my success as a tutor, and I hope to continue this in my endeavors as a tutor. More importantly, I think this approach has made my past clients comfortable with me, and they were able to express stuff and ask whatever questions they have.

How I teach will definitely be on a client-to-client basis because people learn differently. From my experience, I can confidently say that it would be ignorant for me to assume that all high school students learn the same, and etc. The truth is, I have tutored high school students who are more mature than college level students. However, let’s assume that the stereotypes are true, and again they are not, what would be my approach? When I taught on a college level, as both a teaching assistant and tutor, there was a level of expectation that I had for my students, and I held them responsible for the material on exams or assignments. Thus, if I were to assign concepts or questions to go over, I would have expected them to have gone over it. Because of this level of accountability, I would work on specific topics that they are having trouble understanding. Additionally, I think that, more so on a college level, questions are extremely helpful in learning and mastering material.

Conversely, and on a high school level, especially for the earlier 10th/11th graders, my approach was different. I would ask and re-ask my student to explain a certain topic without any of my help. If they were able to explain the topic, then I would say that they knew it. This is my approach because of my experience where I would teach a certain subject and ask the student if they understood. More often than not, they would respond "yes"; but be unable to reiterate the material, and I think this does a lot of harm then good.

We will work together to not just learn the material, but to figure out how to best learn all of the material, and work on your study strategies. Being knowledgable of the material and content is crucial. However, it is impossible to know everything, especially with everything else we have in life. So being proficient at test taking, is as important. For example, when I took the DAT's I did not know every single biology question. But I was able to get some of the ones I did not know correct via process of elimination and such strategies.

As your tutor, I will not just be some person that is going to show up, teach for an hour, and then leave. I want to build a relationship with you on an emotional level, and show you that your exam is also my exam! My schedule in my gap year has afforded me the opportunity to take on more responsibility as a tutor, and I will to everything in my power to ensure that you succeed. At the end of every session, I hope that you will not just see me as any tutor. I want to build a relationship with you, because I do believe that two is better than one! As a mentor, you will be the highest of my priority, and I hope I can be a resource even past the tutoring sessions.


New York University




Awards & Honors

The University Honors Scholar/Founders Day Award


Thomas Sweeny Academic Scholar


Daniel A. Swick Research Scholar


Psi Chi International Psychology Honors Student




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ACT Math
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