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I grew up and attended public school in Long Island, where I was lucky enough to become salutatorian in middle school and valedictorian in high school, with the help of supportive teachers, parents, friends. I entered MIT in 2011 and dabbled around in biology and chemistry before ultimately becoming a management science major. I now live in Manhattan, currently working at an online learning startup after a stint in management consulting.

My teaching and tutoring experience is a bit unconventional, but I believe that they have truly equipped me to anticipate and understand various types of students. Some of my noteworthy experiences include:

- I taught Mandarin Chinese to elementary students in my hometown.
- I tutored fellow classmates at my high school in various math and science subjects both during lunch periods and after school.
- I taught English, teamwork, leadership, and public speaking skills to Chinese students in China for two summers.
- I was selected for a month-long Teach For America program and created curriculum for and taught biology and college prep to high school freshmen in New Mexico.
- I was selected for a month-long teaching exchange program at MIT and assistant teaching organic chemistry and biochemistry to high school students in southern Italy.

I'm a huge proponent of life-long learning and would love to help any student who needs that extra guidance, push, and support to become the best student they can be and also cultivate that excitement for learning.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Management Science




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