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Aiman Gaied

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 tutor

location New York, NY
education Center for Naval Engineering (CNE)

About Aiman

Math teacher, teaches all grade levels from elementary to Grade 12 including Math of grade 10 MPM2D, Functions for Grade 11 MCR3U, Advanced Functions for Grade 12 MHF4U, Calculus and vectors for Grade 12 MCV4U.High School Math Teacher Profile – Aiman Gaied
Mr. Aiman Gaied’s experience and background includes more than 20 years of experience teaching mathematics, physics, and data management, specializing in geometry, algebra, advanced functions, and calculus. Mr. Gaied is an award winning mathematics teacher gaining recognition for his excellent work at International Canadian, British, and American schools. He helped students learn successful strategies to get high scores in International schools by developing formulated creative lesson plans and techniques for test taking to enhance their learning experience. This extensive experience of working with international students from France, China, Italy, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, and Qatar helps Mr. Gaied of design and implement interactive lessons using the latest Technologies such as Smart and Promethean Boards.
As a high school Math teacher at Covenant Central Academy, Mr. Gaied's active style of teaching helps students remain engaged and eager to learn, but it took years of growth, preparation, and work for Mr. Gaied to arrive where he is today.
For the achievement of students, Mr. Gaied believes that being engaged with students is one of the best ways to get them to follow directions and stay on task. One of the most important targets that Mr. Gaied always focuses on is showing his students how they can use math and science in their daily life. Mr. Gaied also develops fun and engaging projects for his students, where they apply what they've learned in class in an entertaining and informative way.
Mr. Gaied started his career in the Canadian Forces and Engineering firms in Montreal Canada. From there he went on to become an international math, science, and data management Teacher successfully completing the requirements to become a teacher of continuing education. He has supervised recognized international tests including the SAT; He was chosen out of 27,000 applicants nationwide and taught elementary, middle, and secondary schools.
When designing lessons and projects, Mr. Gaied thinks of essential questions or outcomes that he wants his students to learn for that day. “Mixing lecture and group discussion is a key of successful learning”, Gaied says.
“If you want to teach and if you really want to be a good teacher, you've really got to love kids and love working with young adults who are trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives,” Gaied said. You have to have that focus otherwise I don't think it'll work out very well.”


Center for Naval Engineering (CNE)


Civil engineering




Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Common Core
Differential Equations
Discrete Math
Elementary Math
Finite Math
Linear Algebra

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