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Qualifications & Experience

I graduated with a BSc in Neuroscience from Emory University just over a year ago. In college, I realized that it was not necessarily the subjects that I was most interested in that made a lasting impact, but more so the courses I took that had phenomenal instructors! For instance, my Organic Chemistry professor made it a point to learn every students name and call on everyone at some point during the semester. He was engaging, easygoing, and passionate. I strive to mirror this level of enthusiasm in my tutoring sessions, and love watching the confidence grow in each of my students.

I have been tutoring for 4 years now, and have had plenty of time to sharpen my strategy. I would describe my style as Discussion Based, and actively work with my students throughout the entirety of their sessions. Examples are key, and we will work through some very complicated problems, breaking them down step by step. By the end of the session, the easy problems seem like a piece of cake, and the "hard" problems are no longer so intimidating.

Test Prep Tutoring

I have been tutoring all sections of the PSAT/SAT and ACT for over a year, but I find the math and science sections to be the most enjoyable to teach. They may seem daunting at first, but after some time, you will begin to understand the specific strategies that can be applied to every question. As someone with professional SAT/ACT training, I am confident that I can work with my students to improve their scores. I like to set up a semi-regular structure of meeting each week, with homework assignments to complete prior to each session. This way, we can work through the lessons together and improve your score.

The MCAT is repeatedly referred to as one of the most difficult (if not THE most difficult) college entrance exams. The breadth of the knowledge required is as wide as it is deep, and that only got larger two years ago when the new exam came out. As someone who scored in the 90th percentile, I am confident in my abilities to teach ALL sections of the MCAT. It is nearly impossible to know all the content in the level of detail expected by the AAMC, and they know this. That is why this exam does not only test what you know, but what you don't know and how you can extract that information from a passage.

I teach content as well as strategy for the MCAT exam, including how to handle questions where you draw a complete blank. We will work together to develop an individual study plan geared towards rapid score increases and maintenance of new knowledge gained. Traditional prep courses are good for someone who hasn't reviewed the material in some time, but for someone who already has the background knowledge, or is feeling completely lost, one-on-one tutoring is the way to go.

Science Tutoring
I have been tutoring Biology for well over 4 years, and Biochemistry for two years and have extensive knowledge about the knitty-gritty details for each. Because there is so much information, it is important to not get bogged down in the details, but to understand everything with the ultimate goal in mind. For example, it is easy to become engrossed in molecular transport mechanisms, but we need to take a few steps back and ask ourselves "How does this relate to the bigger picture here?" in order to truly understand what is going on!

I am only as good as the success of my students, so I try to always stay available for last minute questions or study emergencies. If you have specific suggestions or materials you would like me to use during our sessions, I welcome them all! Please feel free to reach out if you think I would be a good fit for you!



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