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Gloria Hyun

SAT Math tutor

location Los Angeles, CA
education Massachusetts Institute of Technology

About Gloria

Hello World!
My name is Gloria Hyun, and I am a structural engineer working in Downtown LA. I graduated from MIT in 2015 and moved out to LA. I will be attending UCLA as a MS candidate in structural/earthquake engineering this fall. I started teaching after high school graduation and taught SAT math to students ranging from elementary students to adults.

My motto as a student was that you learn by practice. Tutoring sessions will be formatted to reflect this motto, so do expect a lot of problem solving :) But don't worry! I will happily walk you through the process until you fully understand.

One thing I will ask is that you do your homework! My tutoring sessions are heavily focused on students asking me questions on problems they had trouble with during homework. If you don't do your part, then I won't have a chance to do my part of the session.

I believe I can be of good resource especially to high school students applying to colleges. I received admission from Cornell school of Architecture and MIT, and I will be happy to share my experience or give some guidance towards packaging applications in fall.

Looking forward to working with you :)


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Civil Engineering



Test Preparation

SAT Math


SAT Math

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