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I have an authentic passion for working with children, adolescents, teens, young adults, and even adults. I was an award winning Video Producer, Filmmaker, and Photographer when I started teaching martial arts to children nearly 5 years ago. That experience changed my life. I enjoy teaching and inspiring the world around me and because of this, I enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, California. Since achieving my Masters degree in Teaching, I've had the opportunity to teach both junior high and high school students in the subjects of Fine Art, Animation, and Video Production.

During my time as a media industry professional, I've had the opportunity to produce artwork for major media corporations such as Viacom/Mtv and Time-Warner and I've also had the opportunity to work with popular film and music stars on set and in the studio. I have over fifteen years experience working in photography, digital art, and design on many aspects of media productions (e.g., film, television, music, web, photo, etc.) and with my Pepperdine education, I'm confident that I can create engaging and effective lesson plans to stimulate student growth and development within the field of art.

Although my credential is in Art, I have studied extensively the many aspects of teaching English as a second language. Furthermore, before my Pepperdine education, I studied for and received a TESOL certification. Additionally, I come from a family that includes many Spanish speakers, and I am also a world traveler that loves to interact with peoples from all walks of life. With my Pepperdine education, I'm confident that I can create effective lesson plans to stimulate student growth within the field of English development.

My mission is to provide entertaining and effective teaching and tutoring methodologies that will help students succeed in their respective endeavors. Whether it’s help with homework or preparation for a big test, I can help you to succeed.



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Master of Arts in Teaching


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