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I don't just see myself as a tutor - I function as a guide and a mentor. For me, seeing progress is the most rewarding aspect of the process. When you make a difference in someone's life it always feels good - when you shape someone's destiny and help them get into a good university or school, it is truly rewarding. This is why I love teaching, for those moments as small as 'I finally got this!' to as big as 'I got into my dream school!'.

I was raised in England, where I completed high school with 3 A*'s (equivalent of A+) in English, French and History. I simultaneously took my SAT exam and received a 2120 score, which got me into UCLA. There I converted from a History major to a Communications major and a double minor in music industry and film. I currently have a 3.56 GPA. I hope to one day work in the music industry as a producer.

I am fluent in French and Italian, and have high verbal and written communication skills, developed through my experience on a debate team and internships in book agencies, photography studios, film studios, record labels and financial tech startups.

In terms of tutoring experience, I have taught English, French, music software programming and SAT classes through my previous tutor job in LA. I have also tutored in England, and although the content I taught was different, I have applied the methodology I developed in the UK over here in the States successfully.

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University of California - Los Angeles

Communications major




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