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Perry Katz

Microsoft Excel tutor

location Los Angeles, CA
education Northeastern University

About Perry

I started learning Excel about seven years ago and have led my coworkers at work in becoming better, faster and smarter about Excel. My aim is to meet all demands and surpass goals that you set. By the time you are finished with any lesson, you will have learned a tremendous amount of applicable knowledge. My knowledge stems from real life experience, where I have modeled, create complex formulas, and more. I enjoy teaching Excel because streamlining long and bulky processes allows for better work ethic and results. Whether you are trying to pass a test, learn basic excel functions, work on advanced formulas, or create high level macros, I am here to help.

I spent a significant portion of my college career tutoring children between ages 10-12 in both math and science in my extra curricular time. Please reach out to me with a description of what you hope to achieve, where you are now in terms of Excel level (1-10), and the appropriate time frame.

My aim is to help whoever it is that I am teaching understand the principles of excel and then building upon them. I like to create a rough timeline of the individual milestones that will be achieved as the tutoring lessons progress. Whether it is just once to prep for an interview or an ongoing course at a college that you need help with, I will be able to suit your needs. I work better on a PC, and so does Excel, so if you have a PC that would be ideal!


Northeastern University


Finance and Management




Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel

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