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Claudia Casais

Spanish and Homeschool tutor

... 413 hours tutored
location Los Angeles, CA
education International Schools
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About Claudia

Kids have to have fun learning. It's good for them to know that school is a place where joy happens. What we teach is an attitude towards knowledge. Routine is important as is providing a safe and structured environment; at the same time, after school gives you the chance to be more a peer and a guide than an imposing authority figure. After school can be the place to encourage individuality, imagination and self discovery from a an early age, since what happens in the first years will shape children's lives. Its an opportunity to work with a constructivist approach where the students make their own discoveries. Nothing is just given to them. Like someone said, it is our job to create the situations that would allow them to have their own epiphanies.
Teachers and enlightened people have talked about how children and young kids are closer to the source. They seem filled with a powerful energy that betters the spirits and lives of those around them. I understand this and teaching is the way I experience it every day. This is why teaching through the arts is such rewarding profession to me. I see the sense of purpose and the fulfillment in the lives of other and teachers, that constantly talk and think about how to do better for their students. I love children ́s curiosity, openness, sense of humor, endless creativity and eagerness to learn new things. To me children are closer to art and literature, since they are part of a wonderful reality where possibilities are endless.

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