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LSAT & Law School 1L/2L/3L Affordable Tutoring Available! Loyola Law Grad - Give Me a Shot!

165 LSAT score & 3.5+ GPA for all Bar Exam Subjects (All 1L Classes & Optional others as electives)

If you have any problems understanding anything regarding the LSAT, law school admissions, or any of your 1L or other classes, I will help you make sense of it all. I will provide instruction to help easily understand the core concepts and rules of law that are tested on Finals and the Bar Exam by approaching the material in such a way that you will only know exactly what you need to know, how to apply the law to the facts, and no extra nonsense that gets new law students a bit confused, stressed or overwhelmed.

Further, I will provide practice hypos to help further illustrate the topic at hand, and I will provide condensed and concise outlines for finals that will help keep you focused on whats important, and not worry about the rest.

With my approach to providing you with instruction, I assure that you will not leave our sessions without having a solid grasp and understanding of whatever topic/topics we reviewed. You will never leave feeling more confused, or as if you wasted your time.

I am so confident that I can help you with the material that if you book a session with me and you leave without a much better understanding of the information and much more confidence in issue spotting and application of law, I will happily rectify the situation at no cost. That's right - if you don't leave with a better understanding than you showed up with, come back again for free and I will make sure to get you up to par.

Aside from Law related subjects, I have 3+ years tutoring experience in subjects ranging from 2nd through 8th grade curriculum all the way to university level psychology & graduate level writing.

My teaching competency spans across multiple subjects, as mentioned above, so please feel free to ask me about a subject that I haven't mentioned. I will NEVER accept a tutoring session unless I am 100% confident and competent to instruct in the requested subject.

Lessons can be held at the location of your choosing, within reason.

Let me know if you have any questions!




Loyola Marymount University

Law - J.D.


California State University - Northridge

Communication Studies + Psychology






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