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Kalinda Moore

1.4 miles away

Motivating Elementary School Educator; over 17 years experience

Hello, I am looking for students who are ready to meet their fullest potential! I have been teacher for over 17 years primarily in elementary grades K-6. I enjoy helping students with test taking strategies, test taking tips, executive fu... See more

Jill Mckenna

4.6 miles away

MFA in Writing and former adjunct professor w/ Bachelor's in English

Reading, writing, essay construction, research, and thought and writing structure are my jam! Whether helping you to synthesize literature, compose creatively or research for essay work, I love helping others to understand difficult ideas i... See more

  • ... Portland State University
  • subject Reading + 16 more
Andrew Smith

4 miles away

UNT doctoral student in English, 11+ years of teaching experience

I have a BA in English from Kent State University with a minor in Philosophy. I taught several college-level English Composition courses (including one focused on 'Star Wars'!) while earning my MA in English from Florida State University. I... See more

Kirsten L.

1.1 miles away

Dyslexia and Reading Tutor

I have struggled with dyslexia all my life. In fourth grade, my parents and I found a certified dyslexia therapist near my home. I went to tutoring for two years, and learned how to deal with having dyslexia. Because of this experience, I d... See more

  • ... University of Phoenix
  • subject Reading + 4 more
Alicia Goodwin

4.7 miles away

Educator and Advocate

For the last decade, I have been developing myself as an educator. I have a Bachelor's degree from California State University, Long Beach, and extensive tutoring experience. I have had the amazing opportunity to teach and mentor a wide var... See more

  • ... California State University - Lo...
  • subject Reading + 35 more

Why You Need a Reading Tutor

Is your child not progressing with reading in a way that is representative of their age? Are they embarrassed to read out loud and just not feeling confident? Do they even try to avoid reading at all costs? Well, it is apparent that you have a problem but finding a good reading tutor can help solve it. There may be a few things working against you right now but with the right help, you can eliminate any of these problems. Today, kids are reading less and less actual pieces of literature because they are focusing more on social media posts and text messaging. What seems to be happening is a strong disregard for proper reading and grammar skills. We seem to be ignoring the fact that reading makes us better communicators and writers by improving our vocabulary. It also relieves stress and anxiety with a plethora e other advantages that come attached to this necessary skill. Literacy is incredibly important and is something that can be accomplished with reading tutoring.

When your child is showing signs that they are behind on their reading skills it can raise several red flags. You might worry that they will always be behind and that this will cause problems later on in their life. This can cause frustration at home, but a private reading tutor can help eliminate any and all worries. Our grammar tutors have the knowledge and experience that your child needs to be able to get to the necessary reading level and above. Each of our tutors is college educated and have worked for several years which sets them apart from others. This is exactly what your child is going to need in order to get their reading skills right and build their self-confidence. Reading is important and if your child is not doing so well now it is important to nip those issues in the bud right away. Our tutors will get them on the right track by teaching them tools that they will be able to use from here on out.

It is of the utmost importance to you as a parent that when you find a reading tutor you are searching for someone who is going to work well with your child. Because if this does not happen, your child will not truly learn. We have such a large directory filled with qualified tutors who each have their own unique teaching styles. One of which will be perfect for your child to be able the read to the best of their ability. But your child will not be the only one who is learning. As they continue to progress and learn little tricks to help themselves, you will be able to learn those tricks as well and make sure your child is applying them. This way the good habits taught by the tutor will stick with your child. If you ever see them cutting corners you can emphasize the importance of the lessons which will help them in the long run. What will happen is that with this constant positive reinforcement coming from several different people will make sure reading the right way becomes second nature for your child.

Reading tutoring is not just for children, which you probably know if you are taking any advanced courses in undergraduate or graduate school. When you read literature that goes over most people's heads it can be tough to fully understand what you are reading when you are by yourself. When you work with a professional reading tutor they will be able to critically read with you and see things that previously may have gone ignored. This is so important toward you getting the best knowledge possible out of every piece of material you are reading. Our reading and comprehension tutors will also be able to give you tools that you can utilize so that you can start doing this disciplined style of reading on your own when no one is around. It is important for you to take the skills that you are learning and be able to apply them on your own. This is the only way that you are going to get the most out of your tutor which is something that they understand. You being reliant on them is not what they want. They want you to be comfortable enough with the resources they have given you so you have the assurance you need to tackle any piece that is put in front of you.

Stephanie Shi

1.9 miles away

English Teacher in New York CIty, native speaker, 7+ years experience

My name is Stephanie and I have been teaching in a New York City Public School for 4 years. I teach all Elementary school subjects creating supplementary materials for my students to target their areas of weaknesses to help improve.
... See more

Allie Zawada

2.9 miles away

Michigan State University Elementary Education, 4th year Student

I am going to be starting my senior year at Michigan State University in the fall, working towards a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with a focus in social studies. I have years of experience tutoring students of all ages and hav... See more

  • ... Michigan State University
  • subject Reading + 16 more
Gabriel Cabrera

4.9 miles away

English and Test Prep Tutor with 7 Years of Experience

I hold a Bachelor's degree in English and Composition from Ohio Valley University as well as an MBA in Healthcare Management from Oklahoma Christian University. I have seven years of experience tutoring individuals ranging from Elementary s... See more

Sociology Major with Human Services Minor

Welcome, Student

My name is Maria. I am from Ecuador. I graduated from John Jay College of Crimi... See more

  • ... John Jay College of Criminal Jus...
  • subject Reading + 25 more
Joseph Stahl

3.6 miles away

Literacy & Social Studies Teacher at Newark Public Schools

I have taught 5th, 2nd, and 9th grade. Looking to find clients between Newark and East Brunswick for a wide range of after school help.

... See more

  • ... University of Massachusetts Amhe...
  • subject Reading + 36 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Reading Tutor

The world seems to move faster and faster as the years pass and technology advances. Most days we are left feeling like we have way too much-unfinished work. Anxiety and depression is higher than ever and there are a lot of variables behind those feelings. One thing I will say is that reading allows your mind and your body to slow down and simply be present. Being present is a healthy thing. Your body deserves a break and so does your mind. Now you might be thinking, how is reading a break? Well, reading allows us to get out of our mind, where the anxieties lay, and check out for a little while. It is a better way to escape reality than other addictions or negative behaviors children engage in. It is a way to slow the heart and your racing thoughts.

HeyTutor can provide all of the support you are looking to get your child back on track toward being a fantastic reader. We have professional tutors who not only are incredibly knowledgeable but also great with kids. They have the ability to turn your child’s confidence around and make their approach to reading an efficient one. A huge problem in the way that children are learning to read currently is that they are not getting direct attention. Classes are filled with students who all have their own set of questions and needs. When this happens your child might get drowned out from all of the other individuals. They might even be too embarrassed to raise their hands in fear of being reprimanded or teased.

This will not happen when your child works with a one-on-one reading tutor. The tutor will sit down with them personally and go over every issue your child is having with reading. A professional tutor who is dedicated to your child learning how to read the right way is a fantastic resource to have on your side. This is a worthwhile investment in the future of your child’s success and something that you as a committed parent cannot pass up on. Being in a judgment-free zone where your child can ask as many questions as they want without any fear of being ridiculed will truly set them up to be able to read at a high level. As far as the basics go, it is always more beneficial for a child to learn with a private tutor than it is in a classroom. Once they know these basics they will be able to apply them on a more advanced level as they go through the different grade levels. If you truly want your child to be able to be a stellar reader you know “I need a reading tutor.”

If you realize that reading is the first step to acquiring true knowledge then you know how vital reading teachers are in this country and around the world. However, not everyone can teach individuals how to read. You might be a fantastic reader who goes through a book a week but that does not mean you can pass this knowledge down to those who have no idea of how to read. This is a skill that has to be acquired through intense training and tutelage from someone who has been where you are going. Your tutor will act as a guide for you and be able to give you resources that you can make use of when you start teaching one day. Having the opportunity to learn from someone who is working as a teacher for those who are struggling to read will truly benefit you in your career. You will be using practices give to you by your reading tutor throughout your stint as a teacher. So one day you will be able to look back and see that your time spent with your “reading tutor near me” really molded you into the great teacher you have become.  

We recommend getting started with “reading tutoring near me” as soon as possible. We have a platform of tutors with all sorts of backgrounds. We can do the searching for you if you are feeling overwhelmed, and we also provide background checks. Check out what we have to offer today and be ready to see your child’s attitude toward school and reading turn around faster than you could imagine.

Most Recent Reviews for Reading Tutoring

Natasha J.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Sean Williams is great! He is patient, kind, and most importantly, he cares about your child. Sean has motivated my daughter on her toughest days. His method in connecting with the child to entice them to learn, enjoy learning and having fun while you are learning is immaculate! My specific request was for my daughter to learn "Sight words". Sean, incorporated the words with her interests (such as Astrology & Dinosaurs". I highly recommend this young man!

Natasha J. reviews Sean Williams