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Found 203 Oboe tutors near me. Oboe tutoring

Kaya Mason

from Peachtree Corners

2 miles away

(6 ratings)
Biomedical Research Scientist/STEM Educator for 15+ years

I am SUPER Excited to be apart of HeyTutor! My outgoing spirit and laser focus will have you at the TOP of your class in no time! I have a Double Bach... See more

Keila Gunter

from Van Nuys

1.4 miles away

American University Graduate with 4+ Years Tutoring Experience

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business and Music and a Master's Degree in Film and Video. My passion for tutoring and knowledge in various areas has afford me the opportunity to tutor student for 4+ years. I don't believe tutoring is about

  • ... American University
  • ... Oboe + 26 more
  • in a day or more
Rich Johnson

from Encino

2.2 miles away

NYU Music Graduate with 10+ years educator experience

have a Bachelor's degree in Music Technology from NYU, prior to which I studied Music Education at The Hartt School of Music. I have 10 years of extensive experience tutoring students of all ages. I truly specialize in technology, woodwinds... See more

  • ... New York University
  • ... Oboe + 28 more
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Why You Need a Oboe Tutor

Does your child want to learn to play the oboe? If this was a spur of the moment interest or your child wants to learn for personal fulfillment, private lessons can pay off. The oboe isn’t the most common instrument to play but learning the oboe takes a lot of focus and dedication. Your child will learn how to read music notes, how to count beats, and different musical literature. The diligence in learning all these very important pieces to playing an instrument, all serve a very special purpose. An oboe Tutor can help a student keep up with peers if your child is in the school band. Every child learns at their own pace, and because of this progression happens at different times. For example, a student may have no problem counting beats correctly, but may find it much too difficult to read music notes. A private music instructor can also:

  • Help reduce anxiety and depression
  • Help your child learn at their own pace-no pressure of having to learn in a group setting.
  • Build your child’s confidence.
  • Help your child develop their own style.
  • Teach your child responsibility

Benefits of Hiring a Oboe Tutor

Professional Oboe Tutors are knowledgeable about different music literature and styles, which can your child discover what new music to learn and what goal to pursue next. Having an instructor to report to and to receive a high five from, is sometimes all some students need to remain stimulated and excited about learning their instrument. It is always easier to work for something when you know someone is rooting for you and that you’re accountable to your mentor. Another benefit of working in a one to one environment is that a child learns the fundamentals of playing more quickly. Heytutor has a platform of private Oboe instructor’s ready to help build a solid foundation with your child. Our tutors dedicate their efforts to your child’s learning and success. Search a galore of qualified tutors today and we will help find your child’s musical talents.

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