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I am currently a Research Assistant at MDRC, a public policy research firm in Midtown Manhattan, and a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, where I studied Cognitive Science and Political Economy with a focus on behavioral economics.

I first began tutoring in high school. I started off developing curriculum and helping illiterate elementary school children learn to read and write through a local non-profit and eventually expanded to tutoring my peers in subjects ranging from Algebra 2 to U.S. History. During college, my studies allowed me to take a wide variety of classes in fields including psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, economics, math, and history, and helped me gain a strong grasp on both humanities and STEM subjects.

I believe everyone has their own unique learning style, so I am open to tailoring your tutoring experience to your needs, whether it be helping you on homework, guiding you through additional practice problems, reviewing lecture notes, or prepare for exams. I want to help you develop strong conceptual foundations and equip you with study skills and habits that will help you succeed both in and out of school.

Feel free to contact me for tutoring in: General/Honors/AP English Language & Literature, General/Honors/AP U.S. History, General/Honors/AP Microeconomics, General/Honors Psychology, and/or General SAT I tutoring. I would also be happy to help rising seniors read and revise their college essays.

Standardized Test Scores:
AP English Literature (5), AP English Language (5), AP U.S. History (5), SAT I (2330 - 770 M, 770 R, 790 W)



University of California - Berkeley

Cognitive Science & Political Economy




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