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Michelle M.

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UCLA Graduate in Forensic Anthropology with 13 years of tutoring exp.

Hi! My name is Michelle and I graduated cum laude at UCLA and also have received my education from the following universities: Oxford University (UK), University of Hawai'i, Pasadena City College and the Lee Strasberg University in Los Ange... See more

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Benefits of Hiring a Archaeology Tutor

Get to know about this subject with a one-on-one Archaeology tutor who can bring the subject to life. In a classroom full of other students, teachers are limited with resources and what they can teach. With an archaeology tutor, you can engage in more exciting lessons that will help you excel in your class, by getting to the fun and exciting things that you’re really interested in. Our instructors at Heytutor can help explain who we are as humans, and where we came from. Without this knowledge, people wouldn’t be able to develop and evolve into the society that we are today.

Archaeology is a demanding major that requires students to take all sorts of science classes. The most challenging of these bring several issues to students and lead them to think that they are in the wrong major. Our tutors want to get this thought out of your head immediately by making you realize that you are fully capable of doing the work. However, what is happening is that the college experience is too much for you currently. This is not to say that the freedom or extracurriculars are becoming crushing but that the classroom setting might be a little overwhelming. This is because you are not used to the lecture hall style of learning right now and it is going to take time to adjust. You might never get used to it because it just does not suit you as a student. This is fine and something that several other students deal with and our tutors have worked with them and helped them overcome this issue.

The lecture hall is not conducive to every style of learning because of the way it is set up. Meant for the middle of the class it is not for those overachievers or individuals who are struggling. So if you are not picking up some of the materials then it is going to really come back to bite you. But you might feel like there is not much that you can do. After class hours does not give you access to the style of learning that you need either so you might feel completely out of luck. In reality, all you need to do is work with one of our private archaeology tutors. They know what it is you are going through and will be able to give you the skills to make you a fantastic student, then an even better worker. What you need is a hands-on approach toward learning the material and that is exactly what you shall receive when you sign up with HeyTutor. Our tutors will sit down with you face-to-face and give you direct feedback on all of your struggles. They will pick out your strengths and weaknesses so that they can eliminate the former. You will be getting your own personal archeology teacher who will be able to assist you throughout your time pursuing this field. However, our tutors do not want to be your crutch forever and always.

What they are passionate about is giving you these skills that you can use by yourself so that you become independent. After all, your tutor cannot come with you on test day and definitely not when you start your first job. However, what you have learned from them can and that is truly what they want. Since this career path does require you to go to grad school and even get your doctorate in some cases, your science tutor will be able to help you with this path. They can assure you that you are applying to the best schools in the country so that you are completely set up when you walk across your graduation stage. When you are able to get this type of guidance from your tutor they act in a manner that is similar to a mentor. Having said that, several of our tutors are currently working and many have worked in the past as archaeologists. This can even act as a networking opportunity where your tutor might have connections that you were unable to get anywhere else. When you can get a recommendation letter from someone who has clout in the industry and has been developing you into a fine, young archaeologist, it will carry a ton of weight.

By searching for an "archaeology tutor near me" or "archaeology tutoring near me" you will build a strong connection with one of our tutors today. Our tutors work according to your schedule, in your choice of space, and at your own pace. We gear our lessons towards your learning needs and focus on your struggles while making the process fun and easy. Take this first-class educational journey with HeyTutor and we will find and match you with the perfect archaeology tutor.