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Found 157 Spanish tutors in Seattle, WA

Erica Garcia

3.2 miles away

Enthusiastic Spanish teacher with over 8 years of experience!

Hello and congratulations on your decision to improve your language skills! I have been teaching since I graduated from college, and each year I find another reason to fall in love with the Spanish language and the many cultures related to

  • ... Dickinson College
  • subject Spanish + 6 more
  • Very responsive
Max Savishinsky

1.1 miles away

PhD/MA from UW - Bilingual English/Spanish tutoring & College Prep

I'm Max, a professional educator with a passion for writing, foreign language, and college prep/counseling. I have worked in many aspects of education, around the US and around the world, for over 20 years now and have served as a teacher,

  • ... University of Washington
  • subject Spanish + 30 more
  • in a day or more
Linda Perales

4.3 miles away

Reliable highly experienced teacher/tutor

Hi! I'm a certified K-8 elementary school teacher and have a Ph.D in education. I have taught in private and public school classrooms. I have been tutoring professionally in the Seattle area for about 15 years.
... See more

  • ... The University of Texas at El Pa...
  • subject Spanish + 2 more
  • in a day or more
James Wilson

3.8 miles away

Internationally-Certified Tutor, espec. Art, English, Spanish, Chinese

I've taught in South Korea, China, and yes, the USA. I'm experienced with all ages from elementary to adult, and am familiar with a myriad of teaching strategies to overcome any challenge a student is facing. I generally teach Fine Art (bot... See more

  • ... Washington State University
  • subject Spanish + 34 more
Elaine Wright

3.3 miles away

ESL Teacher with 9+ years of experience

I am an experienced ESL teacher who has worked with learners of all backgrounds. I am friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable. I have taught Japanese university students, international students in intensive English in Seattle, immigrants and

Why You Need a Spanish Tutor In Seattle

If you find yourself in a jam while taking Spanish in college it can feel like a rainy Seattle afternoon. The very thought of the class brings a cloud of gloom over your head and you hate having to take the class. But you are in it and now you have to take out your umbrella so you can weather the storm. Think of a Seattle Spanish tutor as your guide who is going to lead you in the right direction despite all of the fog.

They can help clear anything up with their expert Spanish tutoring advice. The absolute best way to learn is in a one-on-one setting with a professional who actually cares about your well being as a student. If you are in college then you know that professors do not really care if you fail or pass. They have so many students that it is impossible to have any empathy toward failing students.

That is never the case with HeyTutor as our Spanish tutors in Seattle truly care about you and how you are going to do in this class. Your Spanish tutor wants to see you succeed which is why they challenge you at every session. But they can only lead you to water, they cannot make you drink.

So if you are unable to match their passion and you continue to ignore them while also not doing the assigned work, you will not progress. At HeyTutor you get out what you put into your sessions. When you work hard and pay attention you will see that not only your grade will rise but your ability to use Spanish will increase as well.

Sebastian Reilly

2.6 miles away

UW Seattle Mathematics Grad with 5+ Years Tutoring Experience

Hi student. I can help you with math. I too was recently a student and I know the struggle. I made it through and can help you make it through too. I've been tutoring math for over five years and have paid my way through college by doing so... See more

  • ... University of Washington
  • subject Spanish + 19 more
  • in a day or more
Cody Lestelle

1.8 miles away

UW Seattle Graduate & UH Mānoa Ph.D Student w/ Diverse XP

I completed my undergraduate degree in Comparative History of Ideas at UW Seattle in 2013. CHID is an interdisciplinary program which focuses more on content, form and purpose of academic research than it does on adherence to the teleology

  • ... Edmonds Community College
  • subject Spanish + 24 more
  • in a day or more
Kalen Mills

1.2 miles away

Math tutor / word nerd / study strategist

Whether you're looking to catch up or get ahead, I want you to have great problem solving tools.

... See more

  • ... University of Oregon
  • subject Spanish + 33 more
  • in a day or more
Audrey Figgins

4.8 miles away

Audrey Figgins

Hey Students :)
Here to help with French, Science, Writing Essays, and all other English/ Lit. assignments. My strong suits are in English centered subjects and I love to try m... See more

  • ... Seattle Central Community Colleg...
  • subject Spanish + 63 more
  • in a day or more
Lidia Ruiz

2 miles away

Master in Physics and Astronomy

I have a MSc in Physics, my research experience is in astrophysics, specifically analyzing stellar atmospheres, stellar evolution and sources of gravitational waves like black holes and neutron stars. I'm from El Salvador, so my native lang... See more

  • ... Washington State University
  • subject Spanish + 20 more
  • Very responsive
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Benefits of Hiring a Spanish Tutor In Seattle

Tutors are not just for students, they are also for individuals who want to learn the language in general. It is never too late to try and learn a new skill, all you need is the right help. Spanish tutoring in Seattle will really transform you into the Spanish speaker that you want to become.

When you work with a language tutor from HeyTutor you are getting to work with one of the very best that Seattle has to offer. They do not care about what level you are on, all they care about is getting results. They will create a syllabus that is just for you and geared toward you succeeding on your quest to learn this language. You will get to sit down with them face-to-face and go at a pace that is ideal for you. This type of treatment is impossible to receive in a classroom or group tutoring session.

You can only get this when you get a Seattle Spanish tutoring sessions provided by HeyTutor. Our tutors are fully dedicated to you and helping you reach your goals. They will work with you so that you can hone in on your skills and move toward becoming fluent in the language.

Whatever your goals are, you can reach them when you hire one of our Spanish tutors in Seattle. Each one is fluent in Spanish and also well versed with teaching techniques. To get the full HeyTutor experience you must first reach out to our team of reps. They are ready to receive your phone call.