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Why You Need a Track & Field Tutor

Track and field are some of the most popular Olympic sports and highly enjoyable for fans to watch. It is awesome to see the fastest humans on earth sprint across the finish line in a feat of excellent athletic ability. Or to watch participants leap and break records in the long jump. The sport is so popular because there are so many different events within it, and it is the ultimate display of athletic competition. If your child is one of the millions of fans of this sport they have displayed an interest in hitting the track running. They probably want to get out there and start on their track to become the next Usain Boldt. But as a parent, you know that there is much more involved to track and field than just running or throwing a metal ball as hard as you can. And if you want the best for your child you know “I need a track and field tutor.”

When your child finally joins their first track team you want them to be as prepared as possible. Showing up the first day of practice with no training is a mistake that many parents make for their child and it does not set them up for excellence. A first track practice can be chaotic as children are literally running all over the place with poor form and no focus. A private track and field tutor is necessary for your child to learn the basic techniques in the sport. Many children are fast runners, they can sprint for hours and not be caught or get tired. But that does not mean it will translate onto the track. This sport all comes down to the technique which will improve with track and field tutoring. Whether it be proper running technique, the right way to approach the long jump or how to conserve energy in longer races. You want your child to have the best foundation to be able to have lasting success and this falls on their knowledge of the fundamentals.

High school track and field can be highly competitive. Some athletes have been running track their entire life and have an advantage over other students. You may be fast but you are not track fast and that is a realization that will hit you like dust to the face when you go against athletes who are fast with proper technique. If you want to get on the same level as your competition and make your varsity team you know you need to find a track and field tutor.

Practice is not going to be enough, even for those who started at a young age, but when you put in the hours you will start to see yourself rise in the ranks of your team. Our high school track and field tutors will help you set realistic goals for yourself and work toward them with each session. This will put you in the perfect spot to make the team, win those races and get those medals you know you deserve. But you have to grind to get it and maybe one day you will find this sport is able to pay for your college.

College is literally one of the most difficult sports to receive a scholarship in for both men and women. Just about every school has a track program but the best athletes all over the world are competing for a few thousand positions. Getting a scholarship in college is the first step toward being selected for the Olympic team which is the ultimate goal for a track and field star. However to reach either of these goals you have to work incredibly hard.

Winning races are one thing but scouts want to see how hard you work to see how high your ceiling is and how much potential is in you. If you are progressing and improving your time with each passing season you have a better chance of moving on to the next level than someone who is skating by with the same time. Progression is key and this starts with how hard you work when you are alone or with a track and field tutor. When you find “track and field tutoring near me” or a “track and field tutor” you will be finding someone who will give you work out plans, nutritional plans and goals you need to work with in order to accomplish all you can.

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Benefits of Hiring a Track & Field Tutor

A private track and field tutor has the background that can leave you feeling confident in the fact that you will be getting the best workouts possible. If your child is just learning the sport you can rest assured that they will be learning the fundamentals of the sport. Since there are so many aspects in track and field it is important that you are matched with someone who has experience in your event. For example, you do not want a tutor who specializes in the 100-meter dash if you throw the shot put. At HeyTutor we will take your needs into consideration and match you up accordingly.

Group track practices for children can be a bit frantic. Also, there is extreme favoritism as the coaches typically put the most naturally athletic children in the better races while giving the less attractive options to those who are left behind. You want to make sure that your child is able to compete in the event that they find most appealing. If this does not happen they might lose interest in the sport as a whole and not want to do it, thus potentially missing out on their opportunity to be a budding track start. This is not what our tutors want for your child so they will figure out which event is most appealing and then give them a breakdown of how that event works.

Your child will be matched with a tutor who has a deep understanding of this event so what your child learns will be something that can carry over for years to come. That being said, the main thing our tutors want to give to your child is a true understanding of the fundamentals. When they have those they will stick with them for the rest of their track and field career. Poor habits will always come back to hurt your child, no matter the sport or activity so our tutors will nip those in the bud right away. This way your child can have fun while being one of the best and potentially formulating an interest in the sport that can take them places in life.

Being in high school brings an entirely different set of challenges. Kids are much faster and in better shape than they ever were as they start to grow into their bodies. But the real thing that makes students stick out is how much work they put in the offseason. You do not want to be left behind because you just show up to practice in spring without doing any working out during the offseason. If this is a sport you are taking seriously this is simply not going to cut it.

When you work with a track and field fitness tutor they will take into account what it is you are trying to do on the track. For example, if you want to get faster for the 100-meter dash they will build a workout plan around what you need to enhance your speed. It might be leg workouts or cone drills to improve footwork. Or your push off from the blocks when you start off from the starting line could be taking seconds off your final time. Whatever your problem is your athletics tutor will get to the bottom of it and develop a plan for you to turn it into a strength.

But athletes, especially in high school, often forget about how important nutrition is to their performance on the track. If you are not putting the right things into your body you will not get the results you are seeking. Our tutors will develop a nutrition plan around your body type and set goals that will truly benefit you and help you improve not only on the track but as a healthier human. You will get the recipe from a trained professional who knows what it takes to have lasting success on the track.

These will be workout plans that you can use at the next level in your career or just later down the road when you are trying to stay in shape. You will be working with a one of a kind tutor who will benefit you and your growth as an athlete. HeyTutor has the track and field tutors you need to make it across the finish line toward your future as a full-fledged athlete.

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