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Timothy Mason

U.S. History and European History tutor

location Upper Marlboro, MD
education Montgomery College
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About Timothy

My name is Timothy, friends call me the Renaissance man. Medieval History is a prime focus of mine, but I have built a coalition consisting of several historical eras by participating in courses centered on the Ancient Worlds of Persia, Rome, and Greece. The Middle East including the founding and spread of Islam, and the Crusades. The Religious Wars of the Early Modern World. The Revolutions of France, Russia, and America.

I have studied in New York City and Maryland at the colleges of Marymount Manhattan and Montgomery Community College. This is my first semester at UMUC after transferring with an Associate's Degree in History. In 2015 I joined the American Historical Association, that same year I attended their annual conference in Atlanta. A year later I signed up for the Medieval Academy of America, and participated in their annual conference at the University of Toronto this past spring.

Students unfamiliar in the field of history struggle to identity names, locations, and historic dates. The issue is more common than many might believe. During my years of schooling I have seen how this overwhelms and leads to stress in my classmates. Teaching and helping others, to me is a hobby, and I want to help students develop a helpful patterns to combat difficulties in history, and assist in strengthen their knowledge so they can enjoy their history courses.


Montgomery College




University of Maryland - University College





Social Studies

U.S. History
European History
Government & Politics
Social History of Art
World History

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