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Found 149 tutors in Nashville, TN

Jared Peters

4.3 miles away

Undergraduate Finance senior with 2 years of tutoring experience

My name is Jared Peters. I am a senior at Lipscomb University graduating in May with a BBA in both Financial Investments and Corporate Management. I am a member of the NCAA D1 cross country and track team with 2 years of tutoring experience... See more

  • ... Lipscomb University
  • subject Finance
  • in 2 hours
Molly Bartlett

4.9 miles away

(3 ratings)
Economics Major/History Minor with teaching experience

I graduated with a degree in Economics, and can therefore competently tutor macro and micro economics, and statistics. Furthermore, during college I w... See more

  • ... Brandeis University
  • subject Algebra 1 + 46 more
  • in a day or more
Martha Coombs

4.1 miles away

Ivy League French Major with 12 years Teaching Experience

I am an experienced classroom teacher and tutor who can help you with conceptual understanding of Romance Languages (French, Italian and Spanish). In my tutoring experience, I have helped dozens of students - English language learners from... See more

  • ... Mount Holyoke College
  • subject Elementary Math + 25 more
Mehreen Butt

1.3 miles away

U of R Biology Graduate with 7+ years of tutoring experience

I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology and German from the University of Rochester, and have been teaching high school and middle school science and computer science for the past 7+ years. I also was pre-med during college and having extensi... See more

  • ... University of Rochester
  • subject Algebra 1 + 19 more
Exceptional Educator with over 10+ years of educational experience

Personable, affordable, effective educational services for students with exceptional needs while creating a pathway, which enlightens their families. I view every student as an individual; therefore, I compose individualized scaffold lesson... See more

  • ... Trevecca Nazarene University
  • subject Prealgebra + 22 more

Why You Need a Tutor In Nashville

Nashville is the home of country music. There are plenty of big names that call this place home but one of the most notorious is Johnny Cash. Musicians come from all over America in search of an opportunity to become the next Cash and even bigger. With nothing but a hope and a dream, these individuals take a leap of faith and it does not work out for some, but the city still changes them in the best way.

Since the art culture is so booming in Nashville that typically means that there are not as many scientific minded individuals. It is known that people who are more left brain oriented have an issue with right brain activities. Science is one of the classes that we all have to take while we are in school but that does not mean we want to take it. If you are left brain oriented but in this class then you are probably regretting every single day you step foot in this class.

We have Nashville tutors who can soften this blow of reality. When you are able to work with a science tutor who is as adept as ours then you are going to see your knowledge expand. If you are in chemistry then you know how stressful science can be for a young student. In middle school, science is exciting but when you are chemistry things start to get a bit more intense.

This is when the help of tutoring in Nashville can really benefit you as a struggling student. The power in chemistry tutoring will be felt when you get the chance to work with someone who knows what they are doing. Chemistry is incredibly difficult to teach which might be why you are struggling in the first place. All of our tutors have been working in the industry for a minimum of five years so they have the teaching aspect covered.

Madison Everhart

4.5 miles away

Elementary Teacher with 7 years of teaching experience

I am now a private tutor while I also work part time for the Special Education department at Vanderbilt University. For the past 7 years I have taught Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades. I have also spent time as a Learning Specialist and a

  • ... Relay Graduate School of Educati...
  • subject Elementary Math + 8 more
Amanda Langford

1.8 miles away

Public Speaking Coach/Tutor

Currently a member of Western Kentucky University’s Speech and Debate team, ranked number one in the world for over a decade. In high school, I was an Academic All-American (named by NSDA) and ranked as a Top 20 public speaker in the world.... See more

  • ... Western Kentucky University
  • subject Public Speaking + 1 more
Thomas Bauer

1.9 miles away

English, Math and Media Tutor with 4 years experience and Masters

I am a filmmaker by day and teacher also by day. I have taught at college, high school, and preschool levels in Atlanta, New York, and China. I am excited to help anyone and ready to start as soon as possible.

Mack Griffith

3.1 miles away

Certified PreK-4 Elem. Ed. & PreK-8 Spec. Ed. Teacher

My name is Mack (he/him/his) and I am a PA certified elementary and special education teacher. I am certified to teach all subjects through 4th grade, however, I have experience teaching subjects through high school and some college level c... See more

  • ... Grove City College
  • subject Algebra 1 + 44 more
  • in a day or more
George Cooper

4.4 miles away

Vanderbilt University Graduate Student with 5+ years of experience

I will do my best to find the way you best understand the material and help you succeed in math and science.

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Benefits of Hiring a Tutor In Nashville

Nursing is an exciting career, and there is always a need for this profession. Memphis has several hospitals that are always looking to hire new nurses. Since this is one of the most popular cities in the country, nurses flock to this city in hopes of getting the job of their dream.

This means you have to stand out and nobody can help you do this better than one of our tutors in Nashville. Nursing tutoring is hard to find because this is a hard major. Most people believe that all the individuals who can teach nursing are in school or working so they do not have time to tutor. But we have a pool of proficient tutors who can give you the lessons in the way that you want.

You decide the manner in which the sessions are held. So not only are you getting to work with a professional nurse but you are also dictating the way in which you are learning. We just want you to learn at HeyTutor but we also want you to have a good experience.

This is why we curate our picks so that you are working with someone who can actually make a positive and lasting impact on your education. Nashville tutoring is our specialty so let us show you what we are about at HeyTutor.