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AutoCad Designer

I have been working professionally in the Interior Architectural Design industry for the past 6 years, primarily doing AutoCad construction documents and 3D SketchUp Renderings. I have been using CAD for almost 12 years and know it very wel... See more

  • ... Columbia College Chicago
  • subject Sketchup + 2 more
Isaias Arguello

1.8 miles away

Senior 3D Artist with 15yrs exp.

I've been a working 3D Artist working in the Computer Graphics industry for 15 years. A 3D Artist incorporates many skills, including photography, 3D modeling and rendering, texturing, animation, visual effects, motion graphics,composition

  • ... ITT Technical Institute - Indian...
  • subject Sketchup + 4 more
Anjel Berry

4.6 miles away

STEAM subjects / College Test Prep PSAT SAT ACT /

I can help in areas of science - specifically 5-10th grade, mathematics - elementary/middle/high school, college algebra. I can also help you better learn office software, graphic design, and web design software. I also specialize in vocabu... See more

Hayley Allred

4.4 miles away

Intuitive and Outgoing Tutor

I am a recent graduate from Appalachian State University! I majored in Communication Advertising and Studio Art. I have been a tutor, instructor, and nanny for over 9 years. I’m outgoing and personable and also have experience with study sk... See more

  • ... Appalachian State University
  • subject Sketchup + 75 more
Autocad and Sketch up Tutor

I studied Master of Architecture at Woodbury University. I have been working as Architectural Designer in some firms. I am expert in Autocad and Sketch up. I can help you become an expert in Autocad and Sketch up to be successful in school

Why You Need a Sketchup Tutor

Sketchup, formerly known as Google Sketchup, is a 3D modeling computer program for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, film and video game design. Sketchup is useful from the earliest stages of design to the end of construction. Sketchup covers everything from programming, diagramming, development, detailing, documentation, design RFIs and much more. So you’re not the greatest with computer programs and technology, well working with a Sketchup Tutor can help you get on track with all of your creative designs.

Sketchup has a plethora of uses so it makes sense for you to understand the program if you have any interest in 3D design. Video Game designers will find this program highly functional toward creating the environments their games take place in. As we all know the video game world has taken off to new heights as just recently a video game was the best selling entertainment product of all time. This game was so popular because of the unique open world concept that players are able to explore. By learning how to use Sketchup it will give you the same capabilities to be able to create environments such as this one and even better. Thus setting you up for a fantastic future career, that is interesting and filled with challenges. Sketchup tutoring can help you learn this complex program so that you can start creating the next great game.

To find a Sketchup tutor is to put yourself in a position to find success. If you want to be an architect, mastering a program such as Sketchup is crucial to your success. However, you might find that you are not as tech savvy as you are with all things architecture. A private Sketchup tutor will help you understand the basics and then be able to apply what you learn toward your work. This way you can continue to get better at using this tool in a way that is beneficial to you as an architect. Learning this program will put you at an advantage when you start applying for jobs after you graduate. It will also make your life a lot easier, as there are many functions within this program that are only going to enhance your skills as an architect.

“Sketchup tutor near me” or “Sketchup tutoring near me” is something you need to take advantage of if you are interested in working in the film industry, in particular within animation. Sketchup allows you to create animations for a film or even to use them as samples for potential investors. This is a tool that will make you an asset at any studio or with several filmmakers who are looking to create animated content. If you are a filmmaker and want to be a complete creative entrepreneur, learning the basics of this program will give you a new set of skills. If you truly want to be an entrepreneur in today’s industry you will want to be as versatile as possible. Most filmmakers know how to direct, produce, write, maybe even edit and act. But very few are able to operate an animation program such as Sketchup. This will allow you to stick out as a creative and truly be able to become the great filmmaker you want to be while creating fantastic films starting with Sketchup.

There are several other jobs where learning how to use Sketchup will truly put you in a position for lasting success. If you are currently working a job and see a need for Sketchup but no one knows how to use it you might think “I need a Sketchup tutor.” Teaming up with one of our tutors will give you these skills you need so you can move up in your job and get that higher paying position. Or you might be a student who simply wants to learn more about Sketchup to use it as a hobby. There are several applications within it that people find fun to use and even a bit therapeutic if you are into computers. Also, 3D printing is blowing up. If that is something you are interested in learning Sketchup will allow you to create awesome things to create on your 3D printer. Our tutors will help you learn multiple applications, get you up to speed with your technology needs, help give you a fresh professional look on your designs and then get the immediate feedback you need. No matter what it is you are looking to accomplish HeyTutor tutors will make it fun.  

Madeleine Wright

2.4 miles away

Here to help!

Hello everyone,

I am a graduate of CWU. I am a Psychology Major, with a minor in Sociology. Wome... See more

  • ... Central Washington University
  • subject Sketchup + 67 more
Christian A.

1.4 miles away

Interior Design Graduate

Bachelors degree in interior design, proficient with various softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Autocad, Sketchup

  • ... Pratt Institute-Main
  • subject Sketchup + 2 more
I am a very knowledgeable and patient person.

I enjoy explaining complex topics to students who are curious and willing to learn. In general, I am a very patient and helpful person.

  • ... Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • subject Sketchup + 31 more
  • in a day or more
Renato Melo

1.3 miles away



  • ... California Polytechnic State Uni...
  • subject Sketchup + 2 more
Tareq Mosleh

2.4 miles away

Architectural Engineer with 6 years of experience between Dubai and LA

I am proficient in using AutoCAD and Sketchup.

  • ... American National University
  • subject Sketchup + 3 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a Sketchup Tutor

Going into a career where the job opportunities are endless and that you truly enjoy is the way to go. Working with a Sketchup tutor can ensure that you are able to take your skills to the next level. A computer tutor can help break down some of your inner barriers and break through to creative areas in your brain that you haven’t been able to tap in to just yet. Sketchup is a highly creative program that may bring out a side of you that you that you have been searching for, for a while. Sketchup can really help you not only artistically but also within your career. We believe that each and every student deserves full-time attention, so they are able to develop to their maximum strengths and skills.

Sketchup is typically a course that is taught online which means you have to look at prerecorded lectures or follow along with a professor. It is not ideal for everyone especially if you find yourself struggling with any aspects of the program. Our one-on-one Sketchup tutors look to mitigate these issues by focusing exclusively on you and working on your problems. This way you are able to tell your tutor exactly what your problems are in the course you are taking and they can build a lesson play around these needs. Our Sketchup tutors are highly trained and have been through the courses you are currently struggling with, so they can break it down for you from a student’s perspective. This is much different from a professor who is teaching to a class of dozens of other students, you will be getting a fantastic education from the best of the best.

Starting from scratch with a program such as Sketchup can be a little bit frightening at first. Especially if you do not consider yourself to be a technically savvy individual who knows everything about computers. But our tutors are exactly that type of person but they are also well-trained tutors. This allows them to be able to understand the program you have never even seen and broken it down in a teaching method that is easy for you to understand. Anyone can learn anything and that is something our tutors believe. But you have to do the work and put in the hours with your tutor in order to get there. You also have to pay attention and listen to these experts while also doing the lesson plan they create for you.

You will get a quality tutor who can help you understand this program no matter what it is you are trying to learn. They have experience in the working world so they are great with this program and can get you on a level of comfort as well. But our tutors do not just want you to receive the information, they want you to enjoy what you are learning and truly hold on to what you are being taught. The best way to do this is for you to have a good time during your sessions. You are working with a professional who knows this program and what they are teaching you will last a lifetime. Hobby or for work, Sketchup is a program that can truly set you up for a creative future. 3D printing is one of the most exciting technological inventions recently and it is now more accessible than it ever was.

Let our Sketchup tutors teach you what you need to know in order to start creating 3D printed pieces for family and friends. You might even find out that you are more talented than you think and with the tutelage from a trained professional, you could start selling your pieces. Turning your hobby into a job is a dream come true.

All of our instructors undergo a strict hiring process so you only get the best when choosing from our platform of experts. Our services are professional and affordable. Let our reps at HeyTutor find the best tutor for you. They will match you with someone who is best suited for your challenges and can bring the best out of you. But they also find someone who fits right into your schedule so that you can best utilize your time and be as comfortable as possible.  Learn Sketchup with a top-level tutor to start developing a lasting skill.