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Bradley Linn

Experienced English Teacher and Tutor
Hi. I'm Bradley. A little about me: I've been teaching English, ESOL and GED for the last twenty years in Broward County. I tutor students of all ages, children to senior citizens, hailing from many different countries. I can improve your knowledge in several areas: reading comprehension, essay writing, vocabulary building, everything. Plus, I proofread and edit writing assignments, stories and college essays. My background: I graduated from Florida State University with a BA in English in 1990. My major was English literature and creative writing. I teach ESOL and GED classes for Broward County Schools. In my spare time, rare these days, I read fiction and dabble in writing novels. I'm a writer, so I have a keen eye for catching errors on papers and essays. When not busy teaching, I tutor students in English and ESOL. I also specialize in making sure students pass the language arts portion of the GED test. I provide a relaxed environment for deeper learning. My tutoring style: I make learning more engaging and less stressful. A more student-centered approach. In addition to my extensive experience, I have the two key qualities for successful teaching: patience and empathy. For me, teaching isn’t merely my career; it’s my passion. It's just so rewarding to improve somebody's life, to help a student reach his or her full potential. It excites me. I'm here to help. I look forward to serving your tutoring needs. Please feel free to contact me or schedule a lesson. Let's get started!

Jansen Gibson

Academic Specialist
Hey, my name is Jansen Gibson, and I'm a math, science, and standardized test specialist working out of Nashville, Tennessee. I've been working as a teacher, tutor, and academic coach in various capacities for the past 5 years in everything from pre-algebra to calculus, physical science to AP chemistry, and PSAT, SAT, ACT, and LSAT. I work with students from 6th grade to college, and have particular experience in helping students struggling with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia and dysgraphia, and autism spectrum disorder. My teaching style is all about learning material not just in the way that you can pass a test, but sharing and speaking on ideas in a way that allows a complete fluency on topics. I lead with a conversational approach that allows us to talk through concepts from introduction to mastery, exploring each stop along the way to ensure ideas aren't memorized, but connected. I would love the chance to speak with you about you or your student's needs, and see how we can learn together.

Annie Stubbs

Masters of Business with emphasis on English and ESOL
ESOL Instructor with emphasis on Language Arts and GED Readiness.

Jordan Cunningham

PA-C, Biology undergraduate degree, 3 years tutoring experience
I graduated in 2015 from Stevenson University with my Bachelor of Science in Biology. I tutored various courses in my undergraduate career including general chemistry and biology courses, nursing-based chemistry and anatomy and physiology. I recently graduated in 2019 with my Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies and currently practice as a board-certified PA.

Madeline Sarmas

English Tutor
I am a passionate, engaging English teacher! I am certified to teach Language Arts, grades 6-12. Additionally, I have experience teaching English as a second language, as I spent two years in South Korea teaching ELL students.

Hilary Stegina

Endicott College Grad with 10+ Years Experience
Hi! I'm Hilary. I am currently a second grade teacher on the Northshore of Boston. I've taught both first and second grades, and I have worked in all grades k-5. I love teaching reading, math, and writing to students. Helping kids see their potential, find confidence, and succeed is what my dreams are made of. Let's connect!

Joann Montoya

Happy to Tutor You!!
An enthusiastic, creative and highly organized educational leader with a Master of Science in Education as well as a specialization in Literacy. A patient and empathic instructor, who had a passion for working with students.

Josephine L.

UCF Master's Degree with 15+ years of tutoring experience
Education has always been a big part of my life. In grade school, my teachers would often ask me to work with other students in class who needed assistance with the current lesson. This gift of being able to help others resonated with me and I realized very quickly that everyone does not learn in the same way. In high school, I volunteered with students with special needs and discovered there are many ways to communicate and teach. At San Jose Staté University, I worked as a Student Assistant for the Disability Resource Center and learned how to use students’ strengths to improve areas that were more challenging. While working on my Master of Fine Arts Degree at the University of Central Florida, I worked at the Institute of Reading Development teaching advanced reading skills to students from Kindergarten to professional adults. After completing my graduate degree, I worked as the Director of the Theatre Department for STAR Education creating specialized curriculum for afterschool enrichment programs in 3 school districts, managing teachers, and teaching students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. My immense and diverse teaching experience has shown me that the most important skill a student can learn is to believe that she/he can do it. Self-confidence is the greatest support to learning and I believe in encouraging my students to know they have what it takes to succeed. As a tutor, I aim to support, motivate, and instill a sense of responsibility in my students. I believe in advocating for students and, more importantly, empowering them to advocate for themselves. I like working with students and families to make learning manageable and enjoyable. Studying is a very specific skill and I give my students the organization tools they need to understand how to study efficiently and effectively.

Kelsey Danielson

Elementary Tutor
Elementary teacher with international and IB experience.

Carolyn M.

Carolyn Connects- CORE Subjects/Practice Tests/STREAM Admissions
Educational Consultant/Tutor/Writing Instructor, (2006-present) Educational coordinator (BA,MA) with many years of experience including work with various families and school communities. This includes primary and secondary levels as well as university work with George Mason, University of Virginia, and other institutions. Work with CORE subjects, specialized programs, practice testing, STREAM, writing partnerships, bilingual education, special needs programs, fundraising, and online work. My online work with students includes areas of the DMV, Texas, and CA. This includes work with Palos Verdes Unified School District, Mountain View Whisman School District (new), Austin Independent School District (new), Fairfax County (VA), Loudoun County (VA), Montgomery County (MD), and other areas. This work follows the state standards for each area, the key assigned curriculum, and when needed/approved sharing curriculum resources and practice tests for students. This includes: VA SOL, Texas STAAR, and CA Smarter Balanced.  *Writing partnerships: Have cultivated partnerships with students, schools, and/or organizations including NASA, PBS Kids, Dupont, Young Writers of America, Skipping Stones, LCPS special award with fire department, FCPS special NASA teleconference.  *Practice tests: Work with best practice tests for VA SOLS/Pearson, Fxat/Cogat (top scores in three schools), WISC (top score), ACT practice, ACT Aspire, SHSAT/SSAT, PSAT-NMQST, SAT, and other areas.  *Advanced math: Practice materials for IOWA, VA SOLS/Pearson, Big Ideas Math, and IXL.  *Math advocate for students in VA. VA State and Nationwide advocate for students for current practice tests. There has been reform in VA as well as key reform on practice tests nationally.  *STREAM: Work with placement for students in STREAM schools including TJHSST, Chantilly High School, AET, NJ private, elementary STEM program, and other areas.  *AP work and advocacy: Key format/template for essay work with AP World History, AP US History, AP English. ------------------------ Cancellation Policy: Standard 24 hour cancellation policy please, except in emergencies

Michelle Mayfield

Experienced and Caring Elementary Teacher!
Hello! I am a third and fourth grade teacher taking some time out of the classroom to help students grow on a more individual level. I believe learning should be personal and interactive, so I like using hands on activities and visual aides to help students understand the content. I am very effective in helping students grow, no matter what their starting point is. Last year, 97% of my students showed widely increased scores on the NWEA math test from the fall to the spring, and 100% of my reading intervention group advanced to a higher tier level! I am also extremely capable in helping students use online programs they might need, as well as comforts wearing a mask to teach in person. I have experience teaching students of all kinds of needs and ability levels, and have previously tutored children with Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia, and have brought them much closer to their grade levels through engaging, multi-sensory learning activities. I can teach students in any subject area, and I am passionate about helping students learn and grow confident in their learning abilities!

Renita Moss

Business Management Expert
I have been in business management for 21 years, I offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have an undergrad in Business Administration with a Legal concentration and a Master's in Business Management with a Human Resource concentration. My passion is helping others and I look forward to assisting with your success.

Minori Stefon

Are you interested in learning Japanese?
Hi! My name is Minori. I am originally from Tochigi prefecture in Japan, and I am currently a PhD student in Education. I would be happy to help you learn Japanese. Here is some of my teaching experience. I have: - Ten years of experience teaching and tutoring Japanese both in Japan and in America - Taught all ages (young children and adults) and levels (elementary to advanced) - Tutored students (especially high school and college students) and prepared business people to work overseas. I am available to meet at a coffee house, library, or other public place for one-on-one lessons or group lessons. If interested, please email me. Thank you so much.

Ben Z.

Private Tutor
Private tutor, experience working in Special Education.

Nicole Godinez

7th & 8th ELA Teacher
Hello my name is Nicole Godinez, I am a Special Education Teacher that works with Mild/Mod and General education students. My experience in teaching is 2 years prior I was subbing for 5 years. During my time teaching I was a ELA teacher for both 7th an 8th grade. Even in SpEd we still had to keep up with the Gen Ed curriculum. I am available for after school virtual learning and in person with social distancing in mind. I do have family members with underlining health issues which is why I prefer virtual.

Darron Hannah

Leading with Confidence
Darron Hannah is a performance-focused and resourceful professional with 7+ years of experience providing consulting and implementable solutions for diverse industry clients in the educational field. He received his B.A. in English education from Georgia State University. He went on to earn his Master of Education in leadership and administration, his Education Specialist in curriculum and instruction, and his Doctor of Education in curriculum and instruction from Liberty University. Darron constructs professional developments to aid teachers with effective instructional practices, focusing on student engagement and connection from K-12 to college level. He has been tutoring English, Math, Science, and Social Studies and tests prep for over seven years. Darron sustains a proven track record in driving client (i.e., students) success and retention by offering innovative, personalized solutions targeting specific client needs. He has proceeded to build on his career in education as an education consultant serving several school districts throughout the country while specializing in results as his main priority.

Maribel Hernandez

B.A in Sociology and Chicano studies with 2 years of Tutoring English
Hello! My name is Maribel. One of my greatest passions in life is teaching. I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, and experienced great success at school and at University due to amazing and unforgettable teachers. This is the foundation of my commitment to helping out my students, whatever their abilities may be. I have been tutoring for 2 years in various settings — tutoring small and large groups, private individual tutoring, and tutoring in suburban, and urban classrooms and home settings. I tutor students of all levels.

Alana Osborn-lief

Homeschool Teacher for Multiple Subjects
Currently seeking a position as a teacher for a home-school pod! Most recently employed as a Teaching Artist with Story Pirates LA, I have over 10 years experience creatively educating kids of all ages. I specialize in writing and performing & visual arts, however have spent a lot of time teaching just about every subject that exists. The students I have had the pleasure of working with have needed to cover wide range of subjects, and have come from all backgrounds, ages and abilities. Additionally, working as a private tutor has allowed me to explore fun and exciting challenges. I started as a one-on-one tutor for high school students at the Writing Center of Princeton, primarily focusing on college test prep (from SAT to ACT, and AP in between), college admissions process (including the essay). Beyond tutoring this higher level of college-bound students, I am not limited to one age group, having tutored a younger range in primary & secondary grades. Each student is absolutely unique, seeking their own distinct lens through which they are able to absorb information. I truly love (and excel at) this exact kind of problem-solving. What an honor to work with individuals collaboratively to figure out the most effective and exciting way for information to click and stick in their minds (whether one-on-one or in a group setting). I am an educator and compassionate human that is dedicated to this collaborative environment with my students ensuring learning works for them, too. Also, am familiar & comfortable with the Common Core guidelines, as well as alternative educational systems (such as Waldorf or Montessori schools) and adapt quite easily to the needs of one student or a room of them. Beyond the usual subjects, I am a trained actor and teacher in the performing & visual arts, with experience in theatre, film acting, movement & dance and visual art (from watercolor to cute kid crafts). Above all else, I have felt so lucky to be a part of the opportunities I've been offered, helping to create curriculum & connect to students from literally all over. It's provided me with immense gratitude and happiness.

Jacob Rozema

Biology and Biochemistry tutor with 5 years of tutoring experience
Hi! I'm Jacob Rozema. I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in Biology. I've tutored college students in biology and biochemistry for 3 years at Grand Valley State University and another 2 years here at HeyTutor. Students would come for tutoring sessions when they signed up for a tutor. I would answer any questions that they had about the material and would help them with difficult concepts to understand something better. I would also help prepare for upcoming tests. I believe in providing tutoring sessions in which learning is fun and concise, helping to make material much easier to understand. One of my tutoring strengths is being empathetic towards students, because I know what it's like not understanding difficult concepts. I enjoy putting myself in students shoes and being able to explain concepts in a step by step manner and going over it as many times as it takes. I like to help my friends and other students understand things that they can't figure out on their own.

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