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Qualifications & Experience

I have a Master's in Early Music from the Longy School of Music in Boston and a Bachelor's of Music in Music Theory from the University of North Texas. I am an active flute and recorder player in the DFW and Boston areas and bring a practical approach to my tutoring sessions.

I have been teaching students and adult amateurs historic instruments as well as all forms of theory for years as I have been studying in school for my degrees. Although I specialize in performing historic music myself, never fear for I love to learn about and teach music theory of all eras and styles. Whether you want to learn to play rock guitar, sing the blues, or play in a renaissance band, I can help you learn more about the building blocks of that style of music and what makes it unique!

I have been studying music for over two decades in some form or another! From piano to flute to theory and history, I have been performing and studying music at a high level for my entire life now. I know what it is like to learn something strange and creative, but I have also practiced and can demonstrate these concepts to you because I apply them in my professional works for audiences around the nation.

I will bring the best of my training as an instrumentalist, theorist, and historian to our tutoring to give you a practical and fun approach to learning more about music.

Feel free to reach out and ask me anything! Let me know what you're interested in and we can find out how to take that even further with some private instruction to hone your skills and passion!



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