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My job was a fashion designer for 10 years in my country, but I quit my job as a chief fashion designer because my husband wanted to study in the US.
As I worked as a fashion designer, I used English just for a business trip.
Since I started living in the US, I’ve tried to learn English in real life, and at schools.
I attended one-on one Bible study program at American church for 5 years, Bluegrass community & technical college for an adult education program, and I’m still taking one-on-one English tutoring at school for 7 years.
I worked at a cafe, restaurant, and a shopping mall to learn more practical English, and it was very helpful for me to learn the common way to speak English, and American cultures as well.

I have a Bachelors degree in Fashion design, Department of Clothing at Kyong-Sung University, and I studied fashion marketing at graduate school in South Korea.
I still love working for clothes design, so I’m running my online shop on Etsy which I sell my handmade clothes.
(I linked my shop address, so please refer to it).

I have been an English student for 12 years since I lived in the US.
I know more than anybody that learning second language isn’t an easy work from all my learning experiences that I’v gone through.
I don’t have a fancy diploma from the US school, but I have integrity to help you learn Korean, as I put myself in your shoes.
Sometime , We can study Korean from BTS’s songs, or Korean drama series for more fun in learning Korean.



Bluegrass Community and Technical College

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