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I decided to go into teaching after getting a job in daycare when I graduated college. I fell in love with working with children and wanted to create a career where I made a difference. I received my masters in education from the University of South Florida shortly after and worked in elementary schools in Florida for three years. My first position was working as a 3rd grade teacher with a diverse low income school outside of Tampa. I prepared students for state testing along with fostering their creative learning and their social and emotional needs. After the school year was completed I moved to Jacksonville and hired as a 1st grade teacher. River City Science Academy is an extremely diverse school with students who have come from all around the world. I was very passionate about getting to know my students and their families and incorporating their culture and backgrounds into the classroom. I loved teaching first grade- but the next year there was a 6th grade world history and science opening within River City Science Academy and I decided to try it. I used technology and hands on learning as a primary learning tool within the day to day classroom teaching. I also made it a priority to get to know my students and their families. Every year that I have taught I have held lunch bunches, helped run different clubs and was a co-coach for our Science Olympiad team. After working in so many different grades I have a clearer picture where students need to be in the future or where misconceptions may have appeared in their earlier learning. I recently moved up to Boston for my fiance’s job and have been very excited to get back into the classroom. I was not able to take the tests for the teaching certificate in Massachusetts because of covid but plan on taking them as soon as I am able.



University of South Florida

Elementary Education




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