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I love learning and helping people accomplish something they didn't think they were capable of. I have a lot of experience tutoring with people of all ages and various subjects. I taught English in Korea to grades kindergarten to 6th grade. Before changing my career path I completed a teaching program at my undergrad for Korean language. Additionally, while in undergrad I tutored in Spanish and the teaching assistant for the Korean 1 & 2 courses. For 3 years after undergrad I worked at a New York tutoring company, I taught beginner reading, phonics and comprehension. A lot of my experience has been with younger children but I am able to adapt lesson plans for older learners or any circumstance that may arise.

I think that speaking and being as immersed as possible is the best way to learn a language. When tutoring in another language I usually say as much as possible in the target language and depending the level of the learner translate important information after. It gets the brain working and gets you used to hearing and comprehending spoken language. I also love to incorporate fun songs and shows in the target language to keep things interesting!

I currently am a law student, proper writing skills are extremely important in this environment and I will help you sharpen your skills to a fine point!
I have always been a strong writer, in high school I took AP literature and AP essay writing. In college I chose a major that required a lot of writing, I entered into essay contests and speech contests as well. I have a lot of practice writing essays and editing them as well.

I want to promote a fun and educational environment where you can learn something new or improve upon a skill! Please don't hesitate to contact me.



SUNY Stony Brook

Asian and Asian American Studies


New England School of Law

Law (not yet complete)






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