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Looking for someone to help you write that essay that counts for half of your grade? Want someone to proofread that book you've been writing? Need a hand formatting that big history project?

With a degree in journalism from The University of Georgia, a minor in English, an emphasis in creative writing, and three years of college-level science classes, I have written everything from research papers on genetics to buzzer beater sports articles to an eight-page paper analyzing Eminem's "Not Afraid." Throughout high school and college, my friends and classmates turned to me to proofread their work for spelling and grammar mistakes as well as helping hone their wording, logic, voice, and flow. While I will admit that editing papers for grammar makes me very happy, I also enjoy giving suggestions that help elevate your story to the next level, whether it be strictly academic or a work of fiction.

If you or your child (middle school, high school, or college) need help with any writing assignment or personal project no matter if it is in English, psychology, biology, or anything in between, I would be thrilled to assist in your endeavors. Instead of getting just one astounding paper, I will help you become a more confident and capable writer along the way.



University of Georgia

Journalism/Photojournalism, English minor

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