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To whom it may concern,
(If I were tutoring you on writing a cover letter this would be a great place to start! haha)

I am a recent graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Liberal Studies (which basically translates to - I studied a little bit of everything). Normally I'm modest but in order to sell my tutoring skills I'll say that I graduated Summa Cum Laude, but more than that, I made all A's at ASU, which still surprises me to this day because - I am a humble soul among other things.

In all the years I was in college, and in all the colleges I attended (I transferred several times because I didn't wish to settle for just any ol' education!), I was a go to source for advice, tutoring, coaching, mentoring etc. I tutored many dorm, class, and campus mates in a variety of subjects, especially those relating to the arts (literature, writing, etc.).

My greatest strength is writing, and I will say my weakest are math and science, so I guess we know which side of my brain is working on full thrusters! - As such I am a recent (and proud) author of my self-published book. 10 guesses as to what I'd like to make my living doing! Before I become famous, I hope to help others become good enough in a problem area, to be famous too!

I have been told by many that I have a special way in which I connect with others. - That I have a calming and welcoming energy, but also have a light and spirit that encourages those around me to not only listen, but be interested in what I have to say or express. I am extremely intuitive, perceptive, etc., and therefore am able to easily cater to anyone who wishes (or perhaps isn't so keen and is quite apprehensive), to accomplish any educational goal.

I hate selling myself, but that's just what I've done. All in all, I'm an old fashioned and genuine person, who benefits greatly from helping people and making the world a better place. I am a straight ace, no drinking or smoking, and my idea of a good time is playing board games, jigsaw puzzles, making music with my piano or guitar, intellectual conversations... you get the picture.

More so than anything else, my love for tutoring, etc., stems from a source of sympathy/empathy, since for all of my life as a student I was the nervous, anxious, wanting the test/assignment/class to be over with ASAP. I also understand what it is like to struggle with a subject your brain has decided to reject. You are not alone, and soon I hope to be that friend who meets up with you to help you out in your time of need.

Here is a breakdown of all that I am able to tutor/coach someone in:

High School Level English/College Level English:
Nobody nohow, had a tougher set of English teachers than I did. If I was able to ace them, then I'll help you ace yours too.

Reading & Comprehension:
My methods of teaching are gentle, and you need to be in order to absorb or understand anything you are trying to read. In every class I ever took, I found ways to remember and interpret what I needed to in order to get the job done. I hope to do the same for you.

In writing my book, I had to do a lot of proofreading, and then more and more still. I'd like to say I'm an expert now, but I'll let you decide.

Study Skills:
In all of my college years, anyone who knew me was spellbound as to my study habits. My philosophy is less is more, or in other words, quality over quantity.

I was homeschooled most of my life and during that time and even more so during my college years, I read a great many books, and absorbed their vocabulary. I was and will always be one to read with a dictionary by my side.

Essay Writing:
I must say that even if writing is not your strong suit, and no matter what type of class you must take, there seems to always be a lot of writing involved, or at least there was so for me. Critical writing can be a pain, so I'd like to help make it less of one, for you.

Grammar can be just as frustrating as math, and I hate math. Especially after writing my book, I'd like to say my grammar skills (which have been observed all my life by my father who has a PhD in English Literature) are quite strong.

Sign Language:
I am still trying to become more fluent in ASL, but I am quite competent and would love to help both beginners and intermediate pupils.

Microsoft Word:
I type fast (50-80wpm), and am completely self taught on MW. I have explored and experimented with all the MW features, and know I can help others struggling as I once did.

Microsoft PowerPoint:
I have made many projects on PP, and other than that the same statements said relating to MW apply to PP as well.

I have been competing in swimming since I was 4 years old. I competed so well when I was young that my coach had me racing against high schoolers and I was only in elementary school. I have lifeguard training, etc., in my background, as well as coaching. I swim about 1.25 miles a day, 4-5 days a week. It is my main source of exercise, and I can't get enough. Hope to have you loving the water as much as I do.




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