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Found 204 Organic Chemistry tutors in San Jose, CA

Bill Heufelder

3.8 miles away

30 Years Tutoring/Teaching Experience at the College Level

I taught a senior writing course at Duquesne University and currently am a tutor for the school's athletic department, specializing in English, essay writing and ESL. Over a 20-year period, I have been associated with the Greater Pittsburgh... See more

  • ... Marquette University
  • subject Organic Chemistry + 13 more
Richard Corbett

1 miles away

Experienced engineer wanting to tutor Math and Science students

I am a retired Aerospace Engineer who is very much interested in helping students gain a better understanding of Math and Science. I emigrated to the US from England to be a part of the "Space Race" and the Apollo program. My work in simu... See more

  • ... Oxford Graduate School
  • subject Organic Chemistry + 5 more
Shiane Salabie

2.2 miles away

Art School Graduate with 3+ experience volunteer classroom experience

Hello! I have a Bachelor's Degree in Illustration, a minor in Photography, and a minor in Illustration. I took 4 years of Spanish, 2 classes in Creative Writing, and 6 classes in different types of Art History. I volunteered my time at the

  • ... Ringling College of Art and Desi...
  • subject Organic Chemistry + 12 more
Devon Gentry

3.7 miles away

Engineering college student with high grades and passion to help

I believe every student deserves to see themselves as capable of success. Because they are. Every student I have ever tutored has proven this to me. I am a high school graduate, and I graduated with my AA degree, meeting all the pre-requisi... See more

  • ... Daytona State College
  • subject Organic Chemistry + 17 more
Barbra Morgan

1.3 miles away

Orton-Gillingham Reading and Math Tutor

My credentials include a Master’s Degree in Education, a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, an Orton-Gillingham Certification, and twelve years of teaching experience. I have also been trained to instruct students using the Lindamoo... See more

  • ... Ohio State University
  • subject Organic Chemistry + 3 more

Why You Need a Organic Chemistry Tutor In San Jose

At HeyTutor, we fully understand how difficult it can be to master organic chemistry concepts like enzymatic reactions and synthesis methods. That’s why we’re so happy to offer you the opportunity to pair up with an organic chemistry expert who can help you. Thanks to our platform, you can get the organic chemistry tutoring in San Jose that you need.

You may be sick and tired of looking all over the web for the right private San Jose organic chemistry tutor and constantly coming up short. The great news is that our HeyTutor platform makes the tutor-search process simple, so you can finally secure the perfect chemistry tutor for your unique needs.

Genevieve Cohn

2.7 miles away

Painter and educator with MFA in Painting and Drawing

I have an MFA in Painting and Drawing from Indiana University and a dual degree from Ithaca College in Art and Culture & Communication. I have taught at the university level at Indiana University and Indiana University Northwest and at the

  • ... Indiana University Bloomington
  • subject Organic Chemistry + 1 more
Claire Hyde

1.2 miles away

Certificated English Teacher, grades k-12

Hi there!
My name is Claire Hyde and I’ve been in education for over twenty years. I’ve got 16 years teaching experience in the classroom in grades TK-12, and I specializ... See more

  • ... San Diego State University
  • subject Organic Chemistry + 12 more
Terrin Snelgrove

3.5 miles away

Sophomore in Chemical Engineering (STEM Tutoring $20/hr)

I am a student at Brigham Young University and I love teaching Math and Science to college and high school students. I have very recently taken these courses, so I will be able to relate to the challenges you face in learning these difficul... See more

  • ... Brigham Young University
  • subject Organic Chemistry + 8 more
Muhammad B.

4.7 miles away

UCLA Anthro grad with 5+ years experience tutoring math/chemistry

Hello! I'm Muhammad. Algebra and Chemistry have always been fun topics for me. I approach every problem as if it is a riddle that I believe everyone has the ability to solve. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Anthropology - but don't l... See more

  • ... University of California - Los A...
  • subject Organic Chemistry + 6 more
Sophie Lanser

2 miles away

Univ. of Illinois, Engineering 2018 Graduate

I am a 2018 graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Industrial Engineering. My current day job is in Technology for a global insurance company in Charlotte, and I've been working there since graduating in... See more

  • ... University of Illinois at Urbana...
  • subject Organic Chemistry + 24 more

Benefits of Hiring a Organic Chemistry Tutor In San Jose

One of the reasons why students in San Jose and elsewhere love our tutoring platform at HeyTutor is that scheduling either online or in-person sessions with a private San Jose organic chemistry tutor couldn’t be easier. Private lessons (whether that be in Algebra 1, computer science, or precalculus) give you the personalized educational experiences you need to quickly elevate your understanding of even the most challenging course content. In addition, because we screen our tutors, you can rest assured that your private lessons will be both safe and productive.

Get in touch with us now to find out more about our customer-centric tutoring platform. We’ll show you how HeyTutor can help you schedule productive organic chemistry tutoring sessions in San Jose.