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Lisa Gwozdz

4.1 miles away

Seasoned tutor- Ready, Willing and Able to Help

Extensive experience working as a tutor since 2002 for all elementary level subjects, including ESL and for the secondary level: Language Arts, Reading, ESL and Remedial Math. Also, have experience working with Special Education students an... See more

  • ... California State University - No...
  • subject Autism + 10 more
Ariel Bobson

2.1 miles away

Special Education Teacher with results

Skilled and resourceful educator with experience in reading intervention and common core math, with proven track record of student success.
I am looking to leverage my teaching experience on a wider platform to further c... See more

  • ... Brooklyn College of the City Uni...
  • subject Autism + 9 more
Brianna Rosa

3.6 miles away

Math Tutor for all Ages!

Hi, my name is Brianna and I am a current senior at Lasell University in Newton. I am graduating with a finance major and minor in mathematics. Math is, and has always been, one of my strongest skills.
... See more

Individualized Tutoring

I am a tutor for Elementary Grades K-6 in all subjects. I am NJ Certified in Elementary K-6 in all subjects, Special Education K-12 and Social Studies K-12. I have been a teacher of students with disabilities for 6 years and have experience... See more

  • ... Kutztown University of Pennsylva...
  • subject Autism + 15 more
Theander King

1.5 miles away

Passionate and experienced K-8 tutor in Hampton Roads.

Hello everyone. My name is The’Ander King I am very excited to start tutoring. I am a 24 year old Old Dominion University. I have worked with children in every setting including preschools, in home childcare, summer camps, autism behavioral... See more

Why You Need a Autism Tutor

Was your child diagnosed with autism? Do they have challenges that you don’t know how to help them cope with and overcome? Working with an autism tutor can really help teach you how to accommodate your child’s needs. No matter where your child is on the spectrum, we can work with them to learn behavioral skills, speaking skills as well as emotional skills and all things in between. Being matched with an experienced tutor with ABA training can even help you learn how to work with your child in school, at home, and in social environments.

Autism tutoring can help your child in ways that in other situations would not truly be achievable. Having a child with autism can be a challenge for the entire family, but something that you can all overcome together. If you have a child who was recently diagnosed with autism there are probably several questions going through your head. Naturally, you want to help them so that they can do any and everything that they want to do in life. But sometimes this can be hard on the both of your which creates problems. When you find an autism tutor it is important that you are working with someone who you are confident in as a professional. This is crucial to your child’s development and you do not want to put that in the hands of someone who is not capable. When you work with HeyTutor you can rest assured that you are working with someone who is going to help your child in the best way imaginable.

Academics are a major area of concern for some individuals with autism. If your child is one of these children, then you know how much stress this can cause. This does not mean that your child cannot grasp the concepts they are being taught it just means the situations they are put in class are not ideal for them. Our professional tutors have years of experience working with children similar to yours so they will truly be able to help your child find the success that they know is within them. Going to school is a major part of any child’s life, so it can be incredibly frustrating if your child is not doing their best and hates going. When you find an “autism tutor near me” or “autism tutoring near me” you are taking the steps toward maximizing your child’s academic potential.

A private Autism tutor will be able to work with your child with whatever their particular needs are, no matter what. As mentioned, every child is going to have specific problems that arise in their life and they are struggling to overcome. Your child might excel in the classroom and be a stellar student, so academic success is not something that you can relate to having to conquer. However, your child may struggle with things like practical living skills. This can include anything from being able to manage money to organizing their lives and even doing chores. As a parent, you want to be there for your child every step of the way. But at some point, it is important to understand that you will not always be there for them. They are going to have to venture out and become their own people. So you want to prepare them for that day so that they can be as happy as possible. You know “I need an Autism tutor” that can help ease your mind and give your child those necessary skills.

The good thing about working with one of our life coach tutors is that they essentially become part of the family. Not literally, but the things that they teach your child will benefit the entire household. It is important as a parent to monitor your child’s success but you do not want to micromanage. When you work with one of our tutors they understand the importance of these subtle reinforcements toward your child’s overall development. They will help you better assist your child by giving you advice on how to handle certain things. Our tutors have the experience that your child needs but that you need as well. Working with one of our tutors will tremendously help both you and your child toward a life that you both can be pleased with living.

Ashton Wei

4.3 miles away

Psychology Graduate with 1 year of tutoring and teaching experience

I have experience working with elementary thru college age students, and I have also worked with students who have OCD, ADHD and ASD. I am passionate about english, psychology, sociology, history, and art. I can help with grammar, brainstor... See more

Samantha Martino

3.7 miles away

Experienced Tutor in Grad School!

Hi everyone! My name is Sam and I am currently a graduate student studying speech-language pathology. My undergraduate degree is in speech-language pathology and education. Additionally I am TEFL certified and have taught English online to

  • ... Long Island University - C W Pos...
  • subject Autism + 37 more
Lauren Black

3.2 miles away

LMU Masters Candidate School Psychology with 5 years experience

I am working towards my M.A. and Ed.S at Loyola Marymount University. I have been tutoring students for about 5 year now. My strengths are English, Humanities and Writing/Editing Skills. I believe in making sessions engaging and fun as a me... See more

  • ... Loyola Marymount University
  • subject Autism + 37 more
Jade Murray

1 miles away

UVA Speech and Communication Disorders Major with 2 yrs Experience

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Speech and Communication Disorders at the University of Virginia. I have 2 years of tutoring experience and specialize in helping elementary and middle school students. I strive to make learni... See more

Abraham Yowakim

2.4 miles away

Psychology major pursuing PhD at UC Davis.

I am a military veteran and a passionate psychology student. I have always been highly curious my entire life, and I am always searching for the reason behind human actions/thought processes. I am married with two amazing kids whom I love w... See more

  • ... Solano Community College
  • subject Autism + 2 more
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Benefits of Hiring a Autism Tutor

A great benefit of hiring an autism tutor is that they help your child grow in a comfortable supported environment. Simple things like brushing our teeth seem so easy and straightforward to us, but some kids on the spectrum need a step by step process to learn these skills. We can create these processes and consistently work with them and teach you how to do the same. Learning skills at your own child’s pace will help them to adapt and improve on their most challenging areas.

When your young child is dealing with autism in class it can be an incredibly challenging time toward their overall development. You know they can do the work and they have shown the capabilities but they are still finding difficulties in class. Our special needs tutors have worked with students who are just like yours, so being able to sit down with them one-on-one is something that will be beyond beneficial. The typical classroom setting is not ideal for every student, let alone students who are dealing with autism. Your student may be thriving in a few classes but truly struggling in a couple of others. When this happens our tutors are able to pinpoint the issues and work with your student toward getting the grades but also remembering the subject.

This happens by creating an environment where your child is comfortable and can actually maintain what they are learning. When your child is comfortable in their environment it creates an optimal situation that will allow your student to enjoy what they are taking in. But on top of that, our tutors will break down your student’s learning style. This way the tutor deeply understands your child and their own learning struggles to make them stronger.

For example, any problems they might be having in a course may come down to their organization of the materials that they receive. It might be overwhelming for your child to do alone, but when they sit down with a trained tutor they will receive skills that work for them. Our tutors know there is no one particular way that students will be able to learn organizational skills, especially when it comes to a child with autism. So the practices and lessons they teach your child will be custom made for your child. These can be tools that they take with them and use throughout their educational career as well as their life.

Autism tutoring is not exclusive to individuals with autism. If you are currently trying to become ABA certified you might be running into some problems of your own. This is a certification process that involves decades of research and practices, so it might be a little too much for you to grasp. However, it is of the utmost importance that you both understand this information in the classroom and be able to apply it to the real world. You will be helping students with delicate needs so you must come correct to work every day. This starts with your knowledge of all things autism. Working with a tutor who has the professional experience you hope to acquire one day will make sure you get that certification. But most importantly that you are able to use the lessons you have learned in the working world. You will be working with tutors who are fantastic tutors but also have been working with autistic patients for years. The conversations you have with them about their past will help you prepare for your future.

It does not matter what your needs are, our tutors simply want to help you and your student get to a space of confidence. By using the tools that your student learns from their tutor they will be building a foundation towards a life that you know they can lead. Tutors who are both trustworthy and helpful are a dime a dozen but with Heytutor finding an excellent autism tutor isn’t all that hard. We are here to make your life easier, and it all starts with one of our reps setting you up with the perfect autism tutor. Get the ball rolling and start creating a plan to get the support you and your child need right now with HeyTutor.

Most Recent Reviews for Autism Tutoring

Jean M.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Tamara is very kind and patient with my daughter who has special needs. She is always positive and has a Great personality. My daughter looks forward to Miss T's weekly visits.

Jean M. reviews Tamara Hudson