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Found 1741 ACT tutors near me. ACT tutoring

Michael Green

from Sherman Oaks

3.8 miles away

(3 ratings)
Attorney & K-12 Educator with over 14 years of tutoring experience.

After graduating from UCSB with double majors in Law & Society and Sociology, I moved to New York to teach in the nation's toughest schools through Te... See more

  • ... Thomas Jefferson School of Law
  • ... ACT Writing + 47 more
  • Very responsive


Teagan L.

from Austin

3.5 miles away

(6 ratings)
Harvard Social Studies Graduate with Award-winning Writing Credentials

I studied Social Studies and African Studies at Harvard College, using my academic career to hone my writing skills. I spent the majority of my colle... See more

  • ... Harvard University
  • ... ACT Writing + 40 more
  • Very responsive


Walter U.

from North Hollywood

2.5 miles away

(10 ratings)
USC STEM Tutor: Math, Physics, Programming, & More!

Hi there! I am a computational physicist at USC, doing research in quantum optics and solid-state physics. I teach all levels of mathematics, as well

  • ... Colorado School of Mines
  • ... ACT Math + 44 more
  • in 2 hours
Rachel Yan

from Newport Beach

1.1 miles away

(8 ratings)
LMU Accounting Master with 5 years tutoring Maximum grade+Minimum time

As a skilled and enthusiastic individual with experience supporting students outside of the classroom to meet academic challenges and prepare for exam... See more

  • ... Loyola Marymount University
  • ... ACT Math + 22 more
  • Very responsive
Maxwell Schneller

from Inglewood

2.3 miles away

Math and science turoring with a focus on test prep.

My first experience tutoring came while attending the University of Southern California in 2005. There, I assisted fellow classmates in preparing for upcoming exams and found great reward in helping others gain confidence in their academics... See more

  • ... University of Southern Californi...
  • ... ACT Writing + 53 more
  • in 1 hours
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Why You Need a ACT Tutor

Okay, so you're nearing the end of high school which means you're going to have to start applying for colleges. This means you're going to have to take the ACT and your score will largely affect what schools you get into. The ACT, which stands for American College Testing, is one of the sole factors schools use to accept or deny future students. This can be a stressful time for many students because your future depends on these scores. Yes, a large part of your acceptances have to do with your high school grades, but if you didn't do all that well in high school, the ACT is your chance to show the admissions board that you do have what it takes to perform well in college.

The ACT is the most popular college admissions standardized test in the US. More students take this test than the SAT, as half of all of the nation’s high school graduates take the ACT. With this being said, you know the importance of doing well on this test. There are several things that go into consideration when you start applying for schools your junior year of high school. Colleges typically look at your extracurriculars, your overall GPA, your college essay and your ACT score. This combination of things will be used to see if you are a great fit for their school and that you can also do the work. When you realize the importance of this test toward your future success you will start to find an ACT tutor. If you want to go above and beyond to reach your goals ACT tutoring is what you are going to need to inquire about.

Our tutors are all college graduates who have taken the ACT and know what it takes to be able to pass the test. This is one exam that will have a major effect on the next step in your future. So you need to do all you can to eliminate any chances that you might fold under the pressure. This is what you will get when you start working with a private ACT tutor. Our tutors will be able to give you insight on the test that your teachers may not have because it has been so long since they have actually taken it. When you work with HeyTutor you are getting a tutor who has years of experience helping students get through the ACT.

But they are not just going to use the same cookie-cutter approach. This is what truly makes this learning environment perfect for anyone who is trying to learn. We all have different weaknesses and strengths, some of us might find that reading is easiest while struggling with science. When this happens you need someone to work with you on the particular subject that is giving you the most trouble. Or you might just want to get an overview of all the topics. The ACT covers what you have learned over the past years in high school, so there are several lessons within each class that are covered. If it has been years since you touched on any particular subject you are going to need to go over what might pop up on the test.

You do not want to be in the exam and find that there are several questions that you have not gone over in years. This will be a waste of your time and ultimately hurt your confidence. Avoid this by working with an ACT tutor who will have you prepped and ready to go. If you decided to go take the test without getting any prep and had difficulties, you realized right away that “I need an ACT tutor.” However, the silver lining is that you have taken the test and you know what you are not doing so well. This will make your sessions with your tutor go incredibly smooth when you sit down and go over the materials. Our tutors will be able to provide you with test-taking skills that will make the ACT a lot easier for you while also improving your overall score. This is exactly what you need if you want to get the score you need and then be admitted into the college of your dreams. We have the tutors who can get you to the point you are trying to reach while also giving you test prep skills that you can use once you start your journey toward getting a college degree. Our test preparation tutors are committed to your excellence.

Benefits of Hiring a ACT Tutor

At HeyTutor, we want to see you succeed and blow your ACT scores out of the water. When I took my ACT in high school, I didn't think it was important to find ACT tutoring near me. I did ok on my exam but I could have done so much better. Don't sell yourself short and work with a professional tutor who really knows their stuff when prepping for standardized exams. If you are having any issues with the ACT, you need to look into getting personalized lessons with a tutor who is dedicated to you succeeding. For this to happen you must start working with one of the talented tutors at HeyTutor. They know exactly what it takes to get the score that you need on the exam as they have worked with several students throughout their time as a tutor. However, they know that not everyone learns the same way or has the same issues. So they will take both of these things into account before designing a plan of attack for you to utilize.

First, off they will sit with you and either give you a mock test or they will ask you how well you did on your first attempt. From there they will be able to see what you have done wrong and what you are doing right. Then they will be able to create a lesson plan based on these needs. Using your strengths and weaknesses along with your style of learning is the only way to prepare for the ACT test. But on top of that, you will be getting an evaluation from a professional who has been working with the ACT for years. If you are willing and able to listen to them, while also doing the work there is absolutely no reason why you should not reach the goals you have set for yourself. Since there are a few different aspects within the ACT you might be struggling with one or all of them. Our study skills tutors will get to the root of the problem and eliminate it.

They are there to work with you on any and all issues you are having for the test. More often than not, the anxiety of taking a test of this degree is enough to make us all nervous. This is especially true if you have not taken the time to develop a way to work through this grueling test. When something like this happens you are not ready to perform at your best which you absolutely have to do in order to get a strong ACT grade. In order for you to get to the level of confidence where you can walk into the exam and be able to channel your anxiety, you have to team up with a professional ACT tutor. They have exercises you can do before the exam to deal with your anxiety and use it to truly excel on this exam. If you want to get a high score on the ACT and get into the college of your choice, you need to take the right steps to ensure this happens. That first step starts with you hiring a tutor from HeyTutor.

The ACT should be something that is taken seriously which means you need to start planning right away. With everything else that is going in school is can be easy for this to be forgotten but that will be an irreversible mistake if that happens to your child. Do not have them walk into the test blind, instead put them in contact with a wonderful tutor. As mentioned, I remember struggling with raising my ACT score while I was in high school. If I had the services of HeyTutor available to me I would have seen my score rise like the other students who have worked with our tutors. I was not as lucky as them and because of it, I was not admitted into my first choice of college. Do not let this happen to your child. You can sort through our wide variety of professional tutors to determine who will work best for your specific needs and the goals you have in mind. We only want you to work with the best so we interview, screen, and vet all of our tutors to make sure they have the ACT experience parents and students are seeking. Get a head start on your future by meeting with one of our expert “ACT tutors near me” today.

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