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Special Education Teacher


2850 Katherine Paige Lane Apt# 307, Falls Chruch, VA 22042 | C: (540)207-3786 |

  • ... George Mason University
  • subject Statistics + 22 more
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Alena Eydlish

2 miles away


Dear Students:

It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce myself for open tutoring positions

  • ... Pace University - New York
  • subject Statistics + 27 more
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Taylor Ward

2.6 miles away

Online College Adviser + ESL Tutor w/ B.A. in Spanish & Psychology

Throughout high school, I served as a teaching assistant for Biology, Spanish, and Psychology. Then, in college I tutored adults in English as a Second Language (predominantly Spanish-speakers) for two years, before studying abroad in Argen... See more

Bryan Silverberg

2.2 miles away

Lawyer with superior writing credentials seeking motivated student!

I am excited at the chance to meet and work with you! I have a strong educational background, having received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Berkeley in Political Science in 2004, and a Juris Doctorate from Brooklyn... See more

  • ... University of California - Berke...
  • subject Statistics + 18 more
James Hemphill

4.9 miles away

William & Mary history B.A., TEFL certified, 1 yr classroom experience

Hi! I'm qualified to tutor and/or proofread in any of the following subject areas: writing, reading comprehension, English literature, English as a second/foreign language, and U.S. and global history. Here's why: I have a bachelor's degree... See more

  • ... College of William and Mary
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Why You Need a Statistics Tutor In Dallas

The job opportunities that become available to you when you understand statistics are plentiful. This is a career that can literally benefit lives. Think of all the times where you heard a study and were skeptical but when you heard the statistics your mind was completely changed. People who work in statistics actually make the world a better place and can change lives.

If this is something that you hope to do one day then you know “I need a Dallas statistics tutor.” The statistics for students who work with a math tutor versus those who do not are vastly in favor of the former category. Mainly because a tutor is going to be able to keep you on your horse and galloping toward your goals. Your Dallas statistics tutor will act as your blinders during your sessions, making sure that you stay focused.

This is what you are going to need if you are not doing the best of your capability in the class. If you want to work with statistics then you absolutely have to pick up everything that you can while you are in school. You do not want to start working and then find out that you are behind the other applicants.

It will be too little too late by then. But your private Dallas statistics tutors know what is going to be expected of you when you start working so they can make sure you have a leg up on the competition.

Maura Johnson

1.5 miles away

USF English graduate with 6+ years' experience in tutoring English

I earned a Bachelor's degree in English (with Honors) from the University of South Florida. Prior to and during my time as a student, I worked as a conversational partner and English tutor to students middle grade through adult for whom En... See more

  • ... University of South Florida
  • subject Statistics + 11 more
Cobby Williams

3.3 miles away

Howard Univ Public Policy Graduate +15 years of tutoring and mentoring

I have a undergraduate degree in Speech/Human Communications from Jackson State University and a Howard University Graduate degree in Public Policy and Administration/International Development. I am the founder and CEO of a Youth and Adult... See more

Gabe R

1.6 miles away

Experienced Writing & Psychology Tutor

Hi there, and thank you for checking out my profile! My name is Gabe, and I am an experienced writing and psychology tutor excited about helping students achieve their goals and realize their potential.
... See more

Tawhid Rahman

3.9 miles away

Math, Science, and Test Prep Tutor

Are you an honors student struggling with a specific course? Or maybe you want to improve your grade and work on your conceptual understanding? I specialize in working with students on Algebra skills, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, and Bio... See more

  • ... University of South Carolina - C...
  • subject Statistics + 21 more
Kevin Dhali

5 miles away

(1 ratings)
Ivy League Graduate with 8-Year Tutoring Experience

Political Science, International Relations, History, and Other Social Science Courses; Public Speaking; Writing; Job and Academic Interviews Prep; The... See more

  • ... Brown University
  • subject Statistics + 41 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a Statistics Tutor In Dallas

Not everyone wants to work with statistics when they get out of school. But they are required to take the course anyway. I remember I had a few buddies in college who were forced to take the class and they complained about it everytime they had to go or study. They hated the class and a few of them ended up getting a rather unpleasant grade.

If they would have spent their time with statistics tutoring in Dallas as opposed to whining they would have been much better off. Do not make the same mistakes as my friends and get the help of a math tutor. Although they say that you do not have to be good at math, it will not hurt to work with someone who is efficient in the subject. This will help you tremendously so that you can understand statistics and get the grade that you require.

When you are learning from a different teaching perspective you are more likely to enjoy what you are studying. Right now you might not be meshing with your statistics teacher because they are not relating to you. Our Dallas tutors have unique backgrounds and some of them have worked in the field you one day hope to join. They will relay the information to you in a way that is relatable, thus making it fun.

When you find a Dallas statistics tutor with HeyTutor you know they will be proficient. These are not part-time tutors, you will be working with a professional tutor. Part of the HeyTutor method is only providing you with the best possible tutors so they all go through an intense vetting process.

Get in touch with our team of customer service reps today so they can match you with a statistics tutor who you will enjoy learning from. At HeyTutor we only work with the best!