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Seth Nowak

3.7 miles away

Highschool Writing and English Tutoring

I am Seth Nowak, a rising college junior. I was homeschooled and am attending Patrick Henry College, a private, classical school with a reputation for academic excellence. Since high school, I have excelled in English and writing. My ACT sc... See more

  • ... Patrick Henry College
  • subject Chemistry + 5 more
Chas Diggs

1.7 miles away

Thought Leader, I Practice Creativity and Invotation. Do4Self

Chas D'elle, also known as Chas Money, is an influencer, investor and director. Chas is best known as a co-founder of I A.M. Music Group along with "Young Sir ". Currently, Chas hosts and directs RapAboutTV.
... See more

MA graduate in French Language with 10+ years of teaching experience

In December 2016, I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Master’s degree in the French Language. For more than ten years, I have had an enriching experience in teaching and tutoring beginning and intermediate French courses in P... See more

  • ... University of Oklahoma
  • subject Chemistry + 1 more
Native German speaker w/ professional tutoring experience for all ages

Hallöchen!! Yes, that was informal, but learning should be fun ;) I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Bavaria, Germany. Although I moved to the states as a teen, I can't wait for my yearly trips home to see the family. I've been... See more

  • ... Savannah College of Art and Desi...
  • subject Chemistry
Logan Hunter

3.2 miles away

Logic Pro X Software Tutor

Hi there! My name is Logan and I'm a music producer, musician, and overall music junkie based in Long Beach, CA. After graduating with a degree in psychology on the east coast, I flew out to the Los Angeles area in pursuit of a career in th... See more

  • ... Colby College
  • subject Chemistry

Why You Need a Chemistry Tutor In Dallas

Why You Need Dallas Chemistry Tutors


Finding the right Dallas Chemistry tutors to get better grades in your classes doesn’t have to be a chore. HeyTutor makes getting the academic help you need fast and easy. We do the work of finding and vetting qualified Dallas tutors; all you have to do is schedule your sessions and be ready to learn.


We offer a better way to learn Chemistry, with a large network of local and online tutors ready to help you learn your Chemistry material. The results you get for Dallas Chemistry tutors on HeyTutor have been pre-screened so you know exactly who you’re working with. If you’re not satisfied that you’ve had a productive first session with any new tutor, let us know. Our Happiness Promise guarantees that that one-hour session will be credited back to your account.


Benefits of Hiring a Dallas Chemistry Tutor


Get started and get ready for your future. Just pick your tutoring package, then browse through our list of tutors. You can filter your results to find the perfect tutor for your academic needs, schedule, and lifestyle. Book your time, and you’re on your way to better scholastic performance.

Better grades lead to better opportunities, so it’s time to start working on your future now. Find Dallas Chemistry tutors who can help you succeed with HeyTutor today.

UChicago grad with multiple yrs experience tutoring humanities!

I started tutoring during high school and I've been doing it in my spare time ever since! I've helped students prepare for the Reading & Writing sections of the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, taught introductory music theory to students I was mentorin... See more

Larry Simmons

1.1 miles away

A tutors approach

I consider myself dedicated to tutoring. I encourage everyone to get a quality education due to the fact that we are living in some rough times. I want to improve outcomes for all my potential students as we now live in an age with all the

  • ... Villa Maria College Buffalo
  • subject Chemistry + 8 more
Dr Cynthia Gomes

Hi, I am Dr Cynthia Gomes from India Mumbai, I am in the field of Education for the past 30 years, out of which I have been a High School Principal for over 15 years, my passion for Education never ends and as I am in America teaching stude... See more

  • ... University of Mobile
  • subject Chemistry + 7 more
Sean Hayes

4.5 miles away

Software Engineer that likes to help others learn to program

I am a software engineer with a major defense company who enjoys helping others learn to program or expand their abilities in multiple languages. When helping others learn a language, I prefer not to follow a strict course outline, but, ins... See more

  • ... Colorado Technical University
  • subject Chemistry + 9 more
Chanel P.

1.1 miles away

Experienced English Tutor

My name is Chanel Phengdy and I have been in education for several years as an ESL teacher, academic tutor, and executive functioning coach. I received my BA from San Francisco State University in 2015 and am currently working on my Master'... See more

  • ... San Francisco State University
  • subject Chemistry + 52 more
  • in a day or more
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Laura B.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Tim really knows his chemistry! He explains things clearly and made the lesson fun and interesting for my sons.

Laura B. reviews Adetimilehin Ariyo