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Found 204 Chemistry tutors in Dallas, TX

Sonia Jarrin

4.5 miles away

Passion to teach, patience, caring, leadership, classroom management.

Hello, My name is Sonia, I graduated in Central University of Ecuador, I have a bachelors degree in chemistry and Biology Education. I began my teaching career 20 years ago in my country, teaching biology and science.
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  • ... Essex County College
  • subject Chemistry
Dylan Gunn

2.7 miles away

A Personal Tutor (Math, Science, Public Speaking)

My name is Dylan Gunn and I am currently a second year student studying Computer Science at UCLA. I went to Huntington Beach High School, where I completed both AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics with A+ grades, and I am now proficient in Mul... See more

  • ... University of California - Los A...
  • subject Chemistry + 20 more
Mary Stevens

4.7 miles away

Online Tutoring in a Variety of Subjects Message me for Availability

I am a very open minded individual who is driven by the passion to help people. I value knowledge and the opportunity to share it. I have always been passionate about the subject of psychology and the way the human mind works. I prefer tuto... See more

  • ... Grand Canyon University
  • subject Chemistry + 9 more
Sheryl Oring

2.2 miles away

UC San Diego grad with 10 years of teaching experience

I'm a compassionate teacher who thrives on helping students achieve their goals. My own career path started in journalism, where I worked as an editor and writer for newspapers including The New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. L... See more

  • ... University of California - San D...
  • subject Chemistry + 20 more
Anna Toretsky

1.9 miles away

Certified Elementary School Teacher

I studied Elementary Education for four years at University of Maryland, College Park. I am now a certified teacher in Maryland, with experience teaching 3rd and 4th grade, as well as with tutoring students in grades 1-5. I am very familiar... See more

  • ... University of Maryland - College...
  • subject Chemistry + 4 more

Why You Need a Chemistry Tutor In Dallas

Why You Need Dallas Chemistry Tutors


Finding the right Dallas Chemistry tutors to get better grades in your classes doesn’t have to be a chore. HeyTutor makes getting the academic help you need fast and easy. We do the work of finding and vetting qualified Dallas tutors; all you have to do is schedule your sessions and be ready to learn.


We offer a better way to learn Chemistry, with a large network of local and online tutors ready to help you learn your Chemistry material. The results you get for Dallas Chemistry tutors on HeyTutor have been pre-screened so you know exactly who you’re working with. If you’re not satisfied that you’ve had a productive first session with any new tutor, let us know. Our Happiness Promise guarantees that that one-hour session will be credited back to your account.


Benefits of Hiring a Dallas Chemistry Tutor


Get started and get ready for your future. Just pick your tutoring package, then browse through our list of tutors. You can filter your results to find the perfect tutor for your academic needs, schedule, and lifestyle. Book your time, and you’re on your way to better scholastic performance.

Better grades lead to better opportunities, so it’s time to start working on your future now. Find Dallas Chemistry tutors who can help you succeed with HeyTutor today.

Alan Moreno

3.7 miles away

Project Manager with over 6 years experience!

Hello. My name is Alan. I'm a Project Manager at a major healthcare organization, where I manage complex inter-regional projects to ensure we meet organizational strategic objectives. Along with my experience in this industry, I've also man... See more

  • ... San Jose State University
  • subject Chemistry + 10 more
Nicole Chini

2.2 miles away

Certified Teacher With 16 Years Experience Ready to Help You Succeed

Hello! My name is Nicole and I have been a public school teacher for the past 16 years. With degrees and teaching certifications in both Elementary Education (K-8) and Special Education, I am here to help all levels of students succeed!

  • ... The College of New Jersey
  • subject Chemistry + 8 more
Christopher Schultz

1.6 miles away

High School Social Studies Teacher. 10+ years tutoring experience.

I have a Master's degree from FDU in Madison, NJ, in Teaching. I am certified as a highly qualified teacher in the state of New Jersey. I have a Bachelor's degree from FDU in History and a double minor in Psychology and British History. I h... See more

  • ... Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • subject Chemistry + 27 more
Macy Holmbeck

1.8 miles away

Southeastern University Student with 2 Years of Tutoring Experience

Hi there! My name is Macy and I'm a student at Southeastern University with a passion for helping younger students to thrive academically. I'm extremely adept in English, having earned a 5 on the AP English Language and AP English Literatur... See more

  • ... Southeastern University
  • subject Chemistry + 28 more

Most Recent Reviews for Dallas, TX Chemistry Tutoring

Laura B.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Tim really knows his chemistry! He explains things clearly and made the lesson fun and interesting for my sons.

Laura B. reviews Adetimilehin Ariyo