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Why You Need a Statistics Tutor In Pittsburgh

Statistics are all the rage these days. I guess when Brad Pitt plays a character that realizes the value of statistics and champions a statistician who helps him take the Athletics to a 22-game win streak with little to no money to spend on salary, it is going to make statistics look sexy. You have probably seen just how important statistics can be to a baseball team. In Pittsburgh, they are more important than ever. The Pirates are not quite as strapped for cash as the Athletics, but they are not able to toss money around like the in-state rival Philadelphia Phillies. After the Pirates shed Andrew McCutchen because they could not justify his high salary, the Phillies went on to sign Bryce Harper to a $330 million deal just a year later that the Pirates will never be able to challenge.

Luckily, wins are not bought so easily in baseball, which is why the Pirates turn to statistics. If you are committed to the Bucs turnaround, you might want to learn more about statistics with our statistics tutors in Pittsburgh. Most baseball fans have never heard of some of the deeper statistics in baseball. For baseball fans, you can work with your math tutor to cater your experience to your interests.

Sabermetrics is a term that has grown over the years, as it is the empirical analysis of baseball, which basically means using stats to analyze baseball. My dad is familiar with all of the usual baseball stats like AVG, HR, Ks, RBI, and ERA, but he is not up to date on some of the sabermetric terms. Mike Schur, creator of Parks and Rec and a big-time baseball fan, spoofed the stats as a law firm of Babip, Pecota, Vorp, and Eckstein. Only Eckstein is a real name, for David Eckstein, a “scrappy” player that never put up big numbers, but benefits from the deeper analysis of his impact.

Many baseball experts rely on the eye test, but you can dig deeper with a Pittsburgh statistics tutor. Your private tutor can craft the sessions to any of your interests.

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Benefits of Hiring a Statistics Tutor In Pittsburgh

There is a certain language in Pittsburgh. When I got new next door neighbors as a kid, I got to hear the Pittsburgh talk for myself. It sounded foreign to me every time he asked his mom for a pop because that is not what I call soda. I still do not know what he was referring to when he talked about gum bands. You pronounce steel like eel, so why do people from Pittsburgh refer to their Steelers like they are a bunch of Ben Stillers?

Getting statistics tutoring in Pittsburgh should be with someone that speaks your language. We all speak English, but you should not be wasting your statistics tutor time explaining what words mean. When you work with HeyTutor, you are getting someone local, so they will get you when you say you want a pop. They will not punch you in the face because they misunderstood which pop you meant.

Work with Pittsburgh statistics tutoring to get a hometown experience today.

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