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Hi! Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Kris Morrissey and I am currently a teacher in Prince William County, and also have taught for a few years in Washington DC as well! I am still currently licensed in both DC and Virginia and in both Special Education and General Elementary Education. In my tenure, I have taught every elementary grade and subject from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Currently, with Prince William, I am teaching a Kindergarten through 5th-grade self-contained Autism classroom.

I came into teaching because of my youngest child, who is a child with Autism. After experiencing some of the issues we had to face I decided to become the kind of teacher that I wanted my youngest to have. In so much I found out that not only did I love to teach, and loved to see children succeed, but I was good at it as well! As far as what I have done while teaching...I was a member of Teach for America, I've taught summer school reading and math in Camden, NJ, All subjects in Elementary in Washington DC, and have taught Kindergarten through Fifth grade here in Northern Virginia in all subjects as well. I would love to share my expertise with you and your child and help them not only improve but feel accomplished in their improvements!

In being an experienced licensed Special and General Education teacher, not only am I current on how to teach each curriculum, I am experienced in observing your child, noticing where difficulties may lie, and being able to then provide the appropriate assistance for your child to help them overcome that difficulty in order to see and feel success.

It has always been my belief that every child can succeed, but not every child follows the same path to that success. It is my job to find what may be needed to allow your child to access their path and learn in the way they need to create that success! Thank you!



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