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Charles Borener

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 tutor

location Richmond, VA
education Eastern Michigan University

About Charles

The bulk of my experience has been through online tutoring. I have been tutoring online in some capacity for 12 of the last 17 years. I have previously also worked as a lab instructor, a high school teacher, and a college adjunct.

My best ability with regards to tutoring is helping a student work through their homework problems. I would go as far as to say that I may be one of the best that you will find to help you with homework on this site. I am quite skilled in identifying your difficulty with the problem and helping you work through it so that you can solve the problem. I am also great at determining errors within your work. If you've started a problem and cannot figure out where you made a mistake, I could probably find your mistake for you.

Due to my abilities in this area of tutoring, it is primarily the only type of session that I have with my students. You should be prepared with the problems that you would like to work through before the session. If possible, you can send me a copy of the problems ahead of time using the messaging system. During the session, we will work through the problems using the interactive whiteboard contained within the online classroom.

I usually work best with older students - 11th grade, 12th grade, and adult/college students. I will work with the occasional 10th grade student. I've found when my students are younger than that, I feel as if there are communication issues and I don't feel as if I am as effective as I am with the older students.

When I was younger, I earned a BS in Physics Education with a minor in Mathematics Education. I used this degree to teach high school math and physics for a couple of years. I decided to further my expertise and study physics education at the graduate level. During this time, I taught labs and earned a position teaching conceptual physics and algebra-based mechanics at a community college. I have also studied mathematics related to actuarial science in my free time as something to keep me busy. Though, now that was a few years ago, so I am getting a little rusty when it comes to this topic.

During my down time, I enjoy learning more about mathematics, watching movies and YouTube, analyze/watch baseball games, and playing my Nintendo Switch.


Eastern Michigan University






Algebra 1
Algebra 2



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